How Elon Musk Became The 3rd Richest Man In The World!

One of the most successful entrepreneurs ever known is Elon Musk, you might have known him by people now calling him “The Real Live Iron Man” or you might have first known of him by news reporters saying that he will never be successful and leading two companies into bankruptcy, now you might be wondering how he’s reputation completely changed in a matter of 15 years. Well, let’s go back to the year 2002, when Elon only had  $180 million after he owned and sold the company PayPal.

Then in May 2002 he poured $100 million of his own fortune into founding SpaceX, a private aerospace company with the goal of making spaceflight affordable. A year later he decided to start the company that you now know of  Tesla, Elon designed the first Tesla called The “Tesla Roadster” Tesla didn’t make any profit from that car until 7 years later! With just selling 500 of them! people and the news called it a waste of money and time, so Elon had to make a change. so he dedicated 5 years in the making for the brand new 2012 Tesla Model S.

The car got so much recognition that it won “MotorTrend’s car-of-the-year award” stated as the best efficiency, engineering, excellence, performance, of intended function in history! Tesla’s revenue from that model topped at $21,4 billion in 6 years! Elon decided to put $1.2 billion dollars into SpaceX in 2015 for the first successful launch and landing of the “falcon-9” in 2017!

After that first landing and the amazing successful car of Tesla, the News and journalist started to notice him again but, not like before now he is what people you know as ‘The Real Life Iron Man” after 2017 Elon Musk has successfully launched and landed more than 21 very affordable rockets! He has also designed and manufactured 3 more successful Tesla models! Elon Musk is now planning for humans to finally go to and civilize mars, and that is why Elon Musk is possibly the most successful entrepreneurs in history.

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