Mabelle Prior Criticizes African Film Makers

African filmmakers have suffered a blow after the Swiss Ghanaian Broadcaster, and Novelist Mabelle Prior slams them for misleading video content.

African filmmakers have suffered a blow after the Swiss Ghanaian Broadcaster, and Novelist Mabelle Prior slams them for misleading video content.

On her popular Facebook post, the multi-faceted Swiss-Ghanaian entrepreneur and award-winning broadcast journalist bashed the African film makers for crafting non-useful and misleading content at the time they should help better their viewer’s mentality.

In her viral post, Prior criticized the movie characters’ dirty tactics and beliefs that the African film makers use to keep a man from cheating.

Some of the filthy tricks believed to invoke black magic to keep a man faithful in the films include the use of menstrual blood in the food and standing out naked in the moonlight at midnight with cowries and herbs to unleash some black magic to keep a man faithful.

“Ghanaian films, Nollywood films, African films, no no, no! A man cheats.

A woman uses menstrual blood to make his food, so he stays faithful…

She stands naked with the moon by midnight with herbs and cowries and gakogoe to incite some black magic to keep a man…

She inserts all kinds of substances inside her v*g*na to make him stay,” Prior’s post read.

She expressed her displeasure at all kinds of black women’s dirty efforts in the films to keep just an average man.

“All this nonsense just to keep an average man.”

“These men we see every day.”

“These men?!”

Even though the former broadcast TV queen seemed to have taken a hard stance on the manipulative tactics used in the afro-films, she isn’t new at sparking critical conversations.

Prior is a famous media personality in Switzerland for standing out during critical discussions on representation, race, and media.

Being a well-known personality in the media, she isn’t new to the global spotlight that has made her receive bookings for high-profile events.

Not to mention, Prior Mabelle is the founder of the famous  Swiss Most Beautiful Pageant and also a prolific other with a long list of books under her byline, including Beyond Race, Voyage to the Dark Continent, Deadly Friendship,  and The Secret Code.

The award-winning journalist expressed her disbelief at how the women characters in the films spend sleepless nights to please a man even after agreeing they’re trash.

“… I thought we all agreed they are t.r.a.s.h? No?” read part of Prior’s post.



Give Them Something Better!

While most of the films are tailored for entertainment, Prior challenged the hell-bent choreographers to give their viewers professionally-curated content that promotes a better mentality instead of brainwashing them.

Even though they view men as trash, Prior criticized the African film-makers for how there are wildly obsessed with the efforts to be loved by men.

However, she added that the dirty tricks influence only the weak-minded ones who’d later practice the said magic in their real-world.


Most Women Have Small Dreams

In her post, Prior viewed women who go out of their way to use every avenue to get the love of a man as the women with small dreams.

“Your entire ambition is to be loved by a man; you do unimaginable things to coerce another human being to be with you,” she wrote in her post.

Prior also termed the act of coercing other people to love you using unthinkable means as ‘criminal’ and emphasized that the diabolical behaviors are worse than cheating in a relationship.

Therefore, they should stop forcing people to love them unconditionally since polygamy is normal and many people aren’t monogamous.

While condemning the crude ways used by African women in an attempt to attract and keep a man, prior advised people not to give an ear to institutions that claim to be teaching people how to love since it could unleash the despicable behaviors.

With the current craze for stable and long-lasting relationships, the institutions that claim to teach how to love have made many think someone owes them.


You Are  A Human Being, Not a Romantic Script!

Unlike the dark days when women were viewed as objects of making love and procreation, Prior appeals to the women to see themselves rather as human beings living in a real-world rather than romantic scripts.

“Let people go” and accept that “men and women cheat.”


 Does Black Magic Work?

Based on Belle Prior’s critique, back magic doesn’t work.

If it does work, then it could have been used for the general good of the society by transforming African leaders into good people who can provide 24 hours electricity, social security, good health systems, job after school, and a good old-age pension.

If African magic works out wonders, then it can be used for smarter things.

Using the analogy of Mellie Grant, the wife to President Fitz, Prior explained how women could dream big.

However, she also admitted that she has no problem with women with small dreams as long as they don’t stoop too low to trap a broke nigga into loving you.

Prior believes that love should be natural, and if a guy doesn’t love you, move on with love for yourself.

After all, no man on the face of the earth is worth sacrificing your sleep.

Prior also termed the majority of the love scenes in the African films and movies as a total mess while blaming religion for aiding in the mess by packaging a man as a prize.

In her closing remarks, Prior urged parents to teach their daughters to mark the beginning of a magic-free generation.

While the African continent is rich in culture and diversity, African magic’s portrayal shows how African women are desperate for love and would do anything to please a man and get love in return.

Therefore, the content creators should advance to creating useful films that propagate morality, self-worth, and a better way of handling relationships.  

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