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Expired Mindsets: Releasing Patterns that No Longer Serve You Well

Expired Mindsets

It gives readers both the courage and the keys to understanding the root of their patterns. It provides an introspective approach that demonstrates how to shift into a higher place of potential. The book is founded on the belief that each of us has a unique life story that influences what it means to live well, love well, and play well. As you read and engage with the principles in Expired Mindsets, you will have the opportunity to examine and reflect on the layers of identity that shape your life. While this may sound daunting, remember that you are a  complex soul, and your layers exist whether you choose to acknowledge them or not.  The complexities and nuances that you have are your superpowers, they set you apart and will help you rise to the top.  

If you are looking for a personal development resource that can easily translate into multiple areas of your life, Expired Mindsets is for you. Expired Mindset offers a  balanced blend of authentic stories of both challenge and triumph, current psychoeducational research, and personal integration using mindfulness and reflection questions. You will also be introduced to the Core 4 Process developed by Dr.Johnson. 

What is the Core 4 Process in Expired Mindsets? 

The Core 4 Process is a set of guiding principles that provide a framework for personal growth and change. I developed it as a paradigm to help readers of Expired  Mindsets have a tangible means of exploring and redefining how they appear in life.  

On a corporate level, it helps organizations evaluate and increase the congruency between their mission, vision, and practices. The philosophies of the Core 4 Process  include:  

• Awareness  

• Action  

• Eviction  

• Alignment 

Integrating the concepts in this framework can help individuals…    

Shift perspective on their ability to make sustainable change  

Illuminate beliefs that are barriers to growth  

Provide skills to help move from thought to action, and  

Increase their capacity to manage and adapt to life stressors  

In many ways, Expired Mindsets is a call to action designed to help anyone who struggles to cultivate and sustain a sense of personal and professional balance. It offers an integrative framework to help you unmask and no longer feel like an imposter in your own life.  

A recent study on imposter syndrome in the business community found that 84%  of entrepreneurs and small business owners experience imposter syndrome. If unaddressed, imposter syndrome can become a significant obstacle and leave you incessantly comparing yourself to everyone around you. There is no magic path or approach to growing into a successful business successful. Yet, one thing is unequivocally true, success requires an unwavering commitment to learning the difference between who you are versus who you’ve learned to be to survive.  

As humans, we often take pride in our ability to push through, but we are often carrying years of buried experiences that keep us operating in survival mode. Here’s what Expired Mindsets says about unresolved experiences that you quickly move to the side.

When push through mentality is the primary response, we may find ourselves: 

diminishing the magnitude of the challenges being faced 

becoming highly critical of ourselves and our perceived inability to meet  life’s demands 

minimizing the physical and emotional signs that exist, and 

with an increased need for control 

Research also highlights “individuals who rely heavily on ignoring, disengaging from or avoiding emotional experiences tend to experience higher levels of anxiety and depression symptoms.” Push through mentality is an ineffective an unsustainable response that Expired Mindsets can help you shift.  

One of the most foundational premises of Expired Mindsets is learning to own your story because “we operate at a level of potential that is parallel to the health of your mindset.” Dr.Johnson believes health and happiness are two necessary ingredients for everything you do in life. Yet, most people reduce life to hard work and chance, only addressing their mindset when given no other choice.  Every aspect of your story has a purpose, even the parts that may bring disappointment or pain. So, whether you find yourself entering, walking through,  or exiting a challenging experience, breathe. Then stand tall, do the work, and honor the space you were designed to occupy.

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Expired Mindsets by Dr.Charryse Johnson

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