Day Trading Secrets with Thomas Yin

Learn the secrets to day trading success with founder of Online Guru Trader

On this episode of Mentors Collective, Dr. Jay Feldman brings you some powerful value on trading with the help of one of the most successful traders, Thomas Yin. This trader will share his expertise based on his experience training people on trading all over the world, his platform, and his school. Throughout the years he has been able to create his own trading strategies to help others learn how to become successful traders like him.

Thomas Yin founded Online Guru Trader as a school to share his knowledge and train other people as passionate about trading as he is. Everything he teaches his clients comes from his experience as a trial-and-error trader. He started when he was 20 years old and had his fair share of failures before he understood exactly how to navigate the trading business. Now, he is extremely successful and dedicates a great deal of his time to help other traders reach success as well.

Yin is a strong believer anyone can be successful in trading if they know all the key indications that move the markets. His strategy mainly comes from knowing that everything in the trading business moves because of emotions, mainly the emotions of fear and greed. He explains fear will move markets down and greed will move markets up. That is why and how he has been able to determine a psychology of trading. This allows him and his students to access the level of fear and greed in any markets through technical analysis with a high degree of accuracy. They can also learn how to limit their losses when they are wrong and maximize their profits when they are right.


In this episode, he shares his knowledge on different trading markets, as he has ventured into many different ones, and the way in which our state of mind and our emotions can affect our trading. Throughout this interview, Yin breaks down into simple terms for everyone to understand what the trading business is all about, and motivates traders to focus on one market before moving on to expanding their trade like he has done. He finishes by giving his take on the US market and shares what he believes people should be keeping an eye on in the next couple of weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about Thomas Yin and what he does, or becoming one of his students, make sure to check out his website. You will find more information on the different trading markets and his psychology of trading.


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