Fly Deezy launches new podcast powered by Fly Life Worldwide

Fly Deezy is starting a new podcast.

“Talk With Deezy” has began streaming new episodes weekly in conjunction with Spotify and YouTube. The show will feature a business-driven mix of guests, powered by Deezy’s trademark, “Fly Life Worldwide”. He is the latest music personality to break into the podcasting arena in his area. After releasing his recent album “The Man” Deezy mentioned branching off and expanding his brand. As one door closes, another one opens and he is already 8 episodes deep since the first release. Other than now being a podcast personality, the Fly Life owner is a recording artist, director, producer and marketing specialist who has served the music industry for more than 10 years across a broad range of areas both domestically and internationally. There have been several individuals on this podcast such as UrFavGrannie, Skit Fury, Kaido, and more. You can view all of the episodes here and stay on track by following the podcasts Instagram pages @talkwithdeezy @fly_deezy

Fly Deezy born Deonte Chambers took to Instagram that he’s tried to just be an artist but he cant leave the camera alone. He mentioned it’s challenging to focus on music alone when you have a creative eye for other things other than yourself.

The independent rapper and Virginia native Fly Deezy has gained major notoriety over the last decade from big platforms such as Billboard, Apple Music, and Worldstar Music.

Fly Deezy

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