Ziggy’s Naturals Offers Quality CBD Products While Embracing the LGBTQIA Community

From managing top NFL players to big MLB names, Pollack snagged his clients in old-school fashion---using opportunity and good old-fashioned people skills to sell his services.

Serial entrepreneur Marc Pollack has had some fantastic experiences with notable success throughout his lifetime. So ditching the shackles of the law career he trained for, Pollack first set out to explore the sports management industry with various partners. From managing top NFL players to big MLB names, Pollack snagged his clients in old-school fashion—using opportunity and good old-fashioned people skills to sell his services.


While raising his boys, Pollack was working hard but always made time for his family. Likewise, he says, he hoped he was teaching his sons the value of hard work by setting a good example. But equally as important, he wanted to show them that life needs a healthy balance between work and family. “These are lessons that I always tried to impress up my children while they were growing up,” says Pollack. “As busy as I always was, I made it a priority to put my family first and to do everything I could to spend as much time as possible with them.”


Pollack honed his marketing craft from these starting places and proved to be a top name in the industry. And then, one day, he decided to add to his existing ventures and build a company with his sons, Jordyn and Jake.

The beginning of the family business


Indeed, Pollack’s work ethic rubbed off on his sons. About three years ago, the Pollacks embarked on the ultimate family business journey. This was Pollack’s opportunity to teach his sons about business and develop a project they could all get behind. He also wanted to utilize Jordyn and Jake’s knowledge about how their generation viewed the world and combine that information with his years of experience in business. Pollack says he initially had various brainstorming sessions with his sons, and the final plan came together with his oldest, Jordyn. After much research, Pollack says they decided to get into the CBD industry.


“Our mission is to help our customers discover the many benefits of CBD, have them Indulge in Ziggy’s Naturals line of CBD products, and thrive in all aspects of their lives,” says Pollack. So they named their brand Ziggy Naturals, primarily after Jordyn’s wife, Ziggy. But they also just loved the way it sounded as a unique brand name people could remember.


“People ask us all the time why Ziggy’s Naturals is different. The answer is simple. We are a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on providing the absolute best CBD products and customer service available in the industry. We are also very unique in that we focus our marketing efforts to a very special community. We have chosen the LGBTQIA population because my son, Jordyn, is a transgender man, and we as a family have gone through an amazing journey together,” states Pollack. He adds that their family journey with Jordyn’s transformation created a tremendous bond of love and support. And Pollack says that embracing the LGBTQIA community has created an extended family for himself, Jordyn, and Jake.  “We provide all of our customers with the same level of love and support that we gave to Jordyn,” says Pollack.  So far, he adds, that this approach has been a rewarding business venture. But probably most importantly, Pollack states that they love the fact that they’re helping so many people around the country. 


Goals for the coming year


In the coming year, Pollack says he and his sons will continue to grow their presence on a national level and further establish themselves as one of the leading CBD companies in the country. Because Ziggy’s Naturals is a brand dedicated to inclusiveness and promoting equality, Pollack says they use extensive efforts and resources to market products that help support the LGBTQIA community. Additionally, Pollack adds that they want to develop more relationships with LGBTQIA athletes, social influencers, and celebrities. 


Pollack admits most of their credibility in the LGBTQIA space comes from Jordyn. Jordyn’s community involvement gives their business a reputation of walking the walk, not just talking the talk—making their support and interest in the LGBTQIA space authentic.


Company tenets


Pollack says another tenet of Ziggy’s Naturals is that the customer is their number one priority. As a company, they pride themselves on providing the highest level of customer service in the industry utilizing the ‘customer is always right’ mantra continually. “When a customer emails or calls with a question or a problem, they speak with one of the owners of the Ziggy’s every time,” says Pollack.


In terms of their products, Pollack says they are the best in the industry— third-party tested, and with QR codes leading directly to the lab reports detailing the exact ingredients of each product. Pollack also says their entire line is produced in an NSF GMP Certified Facility that is US Hemp Authority Certified, Registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, FDA Registered, and part of the National Hemp Association. Equally as impressive–all of their products are non-GMO and cruelty-free.


When asked why they chose CBD, Pollack states that it has shown efficacy in relieving several problems—from anxiety, sleep issues, aches, pains, and even inflammation associated with exercise and aging.  Pollack says many people have relied on medications to solve these ailments and too often have also turned to drugs and alcohol, which only leads to additional issues. And he adds that this scenario is sometimes especially true in the LGBTQIA community. “With Ziggy’s Naturals CBD, people can help combat many of these indications with our all-natural products and avoid relying on chemicals or turning to alcohol for relief,” adds Pollack.


Closing words

Using marketing and business experience and a genuine belief in their product, the Pollacks have embraced the LGBTQIA community with quality CBD products. Marc Pollack and his sons Jordyn and Jake are carving out their space in the CBD marketplace with their brand, Ziggy’s Naturals. With their passion leading the way, Ziggy’s Naturals is on its way to the top of the CBD industry.

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