Shannon D Collins, better known as YOUNG S.H.O or SPL S.H.O with the hit single ( BACHATA WIT DA CHOPPA FT PEEWEE LONGWAY & TIKK TOKK) was winning gold medals in track and field long before he became champion on the MIC. Music has always been simultaneous for me,” says SHO, who operates his own music and distributes his music and labels music through EMPIRE DISTRIBUTION A record label, owned by Ghazi Shami with assistance by Trap Religion. YOUNG S.H.O is a man with a mission and vision. For the first time in his career, he charted #14 on the iTunes billboards for hip hop.  Young has pushed himself to the maximum, trying to make a way out of no way, chasing this dream of a major deal and giving back to his home town. Family members Tracey Price and Tracey Hamilton, mother of Antonio (KC Chiefs) and Jakar Hamilton ( Former Dallas Cowboys), raised S.H.O to be a go getter and respect and love family. His aunt Vivian Price gave him love and showed the MC how to work his way around a kitchen. S.H.O says he has a lot of respect for his mentor and brother Kip Mckenny, and Willie joe, S.H.O says they stayed on him, cared for him, and have always pushed him to be the best he could be. I wanna thank my mom Mildred  Price and manager Jimmy, Kona, Allure , FLATLINER, and many more for your love and support says S.H.O!!!

For more on young s.h.o, go to IG: @SPL.S.H.O or I-Tunes under Young S.H.O.


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