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With over 2.4 billion users worldwide, it is safe to say that Facebook is still the most used among all the social media platform, and a major component in your digital marketing strategy. With Facebook constantly changing its features and algorithms, mastering it may prove to be a challenge for anyone. But do not fret, here, Yakk provide some brilliant tips to help you along.


What is Facebook engagement?


Facebook engagement is a collective term on all possible means a user can interact on a Facebook page. Most popular examples are liking and reacting to posts including commenting and sharing. This is important because this reflects how well you communicate with your audience. Regardless of your effort in your marketing strategy through Facebook campaigns, you are not driving great results if it does not trigger your target audience’s engagement. High engagement is one way to grow your page’s reach. According to data, 46% of the referral traffic of a page comes from social media wherein Facebook alone accounts for 41.2% of that traffic. It is a chain reaction, when your users engage with your content, their contacts see that action in their feeds. Through this, you will be able to tap a larger audience and reach potential new customers.


Ways to Increase Engagement in your Facebook Page:


1. Ask questions


You might think this is crazy and quite too obvious, but in reality, it does work. Most Facebook users need a nudge to engage with what they are seeing in their news feed. In marketing, it is all about knowing your target audience and how to start a conversation. Although a conversation, in reality, has 2 sides, however, in marketing, we cannot expect our audience to always make the first move – that is why we should be the one to start the conversation. And what better way than to ask with a question?


2. Be clear about what you expect from your audience


 We like it when the people around us are clear about their expectations? The same thing goes in marketing, if we want our target audience to react in a certain way to our content, we need to let them know. Using a specific Call-to-action in our Facebook posts would help us do this. Instead of just posting, encourage your target audience to react to how you want them to react.


3. Common and very useful CTAs:


Let us know what you think about <brand>! Make sure to share our report with your team! Facebook allows us to take building engagement a level higher by means to CTA buttons that match your campaign goals in our posts. We can even measure and analyse it if we utilise paid advertising on Facebook to see if it really works.


4. Interact with your fans


 Before Facebook became a platform for business promotion, it started as a place where you can meet and interact with people. And this alone makes Facebook valuable to any business- we can reach our customers and interact with new fans to promote our business. Reaching out to our customers requires our time and commitment. Whether it is a follower leaving a comment or sending us a private message, be sure to address them all. However, we must bear in mind that it is not all receiving and thanking our fans for leaving a positive comment/ review, we must also address concerns and negative opinions. Showing that you value what your audience thinks about your brand is not just good for your online image but it is the main core of your social customer care strategy.


5. Post When Your Audience Is Most Active


People use Facebook at different times of the day. Some user likes to scroll through in the morning, some checks their Facebook in the afternoon during their breaks, and some at night before they sleep. If we post at different times of the day, there is a chance that a certain group will miss your post. To plan your post effectively, we can check Facebook insights, or play around at different days and times of the week and see when is the best time to post on your page.


6. Use Images


A sure tip to get more engagement in your Facebook page is to use images. Images are great to tell stories and relay our messages faster. And of course, images make your page look good. And if we take the time to brand your photos by including the company logo, your page gets to reach more people.


7. Provide an Inside Look at Your Company


Let Facebook users take a sneak peek of what your company looks like. Posting about your employees, customers, events and about the area where your business is located is an effective way to promote your business without appearing overly promotional.


8. Stay Specific


How to increase engagement on your Facebook page? Learn to pay attention to the type of contents that your fans respond to. Taking note of the posting days and times that when do we get more comments, likes and shares. Thru careful planning of our posts and considering these factors, it will keep engagement either steady or increasing. So, get your fans clicking!


9. Use Your Fans’ Content


Social media is meant for sharing. When we share Facebook posts, we build relationships with our fans and other influencers. Aside from that, we can help the community by sharing breaking news with our followers. Go on and share relevant, useful content from other businesses who post in your niche and be able to tap a larger number of people.


10. Keep Posts Simple


Sometimes simplicity goes a long way and it applies to Facebook posts too. In fact, according to reports, text-only updates consistently generate more fan engagement compare to those with photos, videos or links. Again, the secret is knowing your fans and what posts they like most.


11. Be Persistent


Consistency is indeed a key to any success and that applies also to Facebook. This is all about us posting useful content and being a consistent voice that your community knows.


12. Love Your Followers


All fans want to get their community talking. And it helps if they get some recognition for it like sharing their posts and content they leave on your page.


13. Have Fun!


While posting relevant content, sharing your fan’s content and increasing engagement is your aim, it does not hurt to have fun. So, go on, experiment. Try to post some memes or ask any random questions. You will be surprised to discover that these posts get some of the best response.


With all these in mind, you are now on your way in increasing your Facebook page engagement. And more engagement means more potential fans and more potential fans means more business for your Facebook page.

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