Why multi-platinum producer Tito Tahan believes NFTs will transform the music industry.

The multi-platinum awarded music producer is building up his team of cryptocurrency developers,

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, I’m sure you’ve heard of an NFT. If you haven’t heard or don’t know what an NFT is, it’s an acronym for Non-Fungible Token, (which proves ownership of a specific type of digital content, for example, art, music, photos, etc.) and is usually purchased via a form of cryptocurrency. The tech community, social media and musicians are in buzz about the popular NFT and how it will affect the currently valued marketplace.

Many are saying NFTs are putting the power and value back into the hands of artists and creators, but how true is that? Well, the famous DJ Steve Aoki is among one of the highest-selling NFT artists in the world. Some artists are now offering music collections exclusive to the NFT marketplace. Even major record labels such as Warner Music Group are partnering up with technology companies to offer some form of NFT products. 

Tito Tahan and NFTs:

Tito Tahan is one of the latest celebrity music producers to join the NFT craze. The multi-platinum awarded music producer is building up his team of cryptocurrency developers, graphic/sound design creatives, and legal personnel. Tito is currently selling his tweets from his verified Twitter profile @TitoTahan via Valuables by Cent as an NFT. He’s also set to release a new project via NFT and he’s also launching an NFT department to help musicians do the same through his company; ProducerLife, a production music library, and label services. According to Tito – “If you want longevity in the music industry, you need the right relationships, resources, and tools, NFTs provides the tools and resources for future expansion.”

How Tito feels about NFTs:

Tahan continued, to speak on what he believes, is the ground zero of NFTs. “It took a few conversations and some research but when I finally understood the NFT; I thought wow, a new tool that proves ownership for creatives and isn’t controlled by radio, streaming, tv, or label executives.” continues. “NFT completely disrupts the owning your master’s concept.” he continues. “Being I’m still new to NFT, I get really excited to see what other music producers are doing in our producer community with NFTs.” Tito continues to say “I think NFTs can completely transform the music industry while putting the musician first for once.”

Being that Tito isn’t the only NFT-friendly celebrity music producer to hop on the latest bandwagon, the future currently looks bright for the popular NFT. Now is a good time to mention many music blockchain companies and blockchain record labels are starting to pop up across the market as well. I would assume its safe to say NFTs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon but only time will tell. To learn more about Tito Tahan, you may visit his website TitoTahan.com or follow his Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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