Why Kate Gray Is on a Mission to 10x the Number of 7-Figure Female Entrepreneurs by 2025

Never before has there been more attention and more opportunities for women to lead the way in the entrepreneurial world. We have women leading some of our strongest and most innovative companies and brands, and everyday barriers are being broken down by the next generation of female influencers. 


As a modern pioneer of the self promotion industry, Kate Gray has made it her mission to motivate and lift the profile of women in business all over the globe. Kate is considered one of the top entrepreneurs in Australia, and her work has been embraced by fellow entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders throughout the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.


Kate is one of the most influential speakers on Business and Personal Mastery and has the rare ability to be able to communicate a message that electrifies, entertains and educates people on how to be the best leader, coach, consultant or entrepreneur they can be. Kate’s knowledge base comes from spending over a decade studying high performance in sport, life and business, personal development, metaphysics, mysticism and ancient wisdom and her track record speaks for itself.


In 2017, she founded a company called Ancient Awakening with zero capital. By 2019, it was a 7 figure business. Over a 1 year period from 2018-2019 the total revenue of the business grew by 800% with no investment in marketing. The entire company was built using her unique organic marketing strategies and marketing talent which she now teaches to entrepreneurs all over the world.


After closing Ancient Awakening in 2019, Kate began to collaborate with International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Personal and Professional Mastery Mentor, and Leadership Expert Jeffrey Slayter. This led to a big time opportunity to speak for the biggest global virtual events organizer, Real Success. Over a 12 month period Kate was on stage 6 times and featured alongside heavy weights of the speaking world in Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Daymond John and Deepak Chopra.


It was during this time that Kate Gray decided she wanted to use her knowledge and skills to help elevate women in a quest for business domination, and in 2020 Boss Bitch Business and Speak to Sell Virtual Speaking Academy were launched, and immediately took the market by storm. The concept was simple; Kate wanted a platform dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs build autonomous wealth, create their own empire, and be in a position to leave a lasting legacy by creating a business and life on their own terms.


‘Currently, only 2% of female entrepreneurs hit 7 figures in revenue, and furthermore only 34% believe they are capable of it’, says Kate when asked of her motivation for Boss Bitch Business. ‘Our mission is to 10X this by 2025!’ A recent study in Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Events report found that only 29% of virtual speakers were women. Kate’s mission is simple, ‘the driving force behind this academy is not only to increase the number to a level of equality, but to develop the quality of the speakers to be the best in the world’.


Kate’s courses are best described as detailed road maps, built around 3 pillars, mentorship, a scalable business model with a repeatable process, and the momentum principle, that combine to be the framework of success. These 3 pillars enable the students to collapse time frames and achieve success at an accelerated rate. Furthermore, Kate has designed the investment points to be very achievable for everyone. After years of targeting a high end client base (>50k), Kate wanted to be able to create programs that are affordable so she could impact and empower a greater number of women. 


To check out Kate’s world class programs and enter the world of Boss Bitch Business visit her website or reach out on Insta @bossbitchbusinessschool.

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