Why Art Is the Best Gift You Can Give

Buying a gift is not one’s favorite way to spend time. We would all love to give something that will affect someone beyond the usual, but what if I told you that there is a way? 

“When was the last time you received a gift that made you cry with joy?” asks hyper-realistic pencil artist Samantha Messias. Art brings together memories, imagination, and emotion. Art evokes feelings beyond words to the people you give them to.

If you want to bless your loved ones with the ultimate gift, turning its opening into a soul-stirring experience, you must consider this advice.

Meet the woman with the gift, Samantha Messias.

Samantha can cast spells through her pencil and charcoal. She brings emotions to life in the paper. 

She was a victim of an abusive past. Samantha struggled to communicate what was happening in her head as a child. She found not only a medium of communication, but a healing space in art. “Drawing allowed the door to open for the tough stuff to come out of me,” expresses the artist.

Samantha developed this almost magical ability to channel emotion into the paper. Now she has determined to share her gift with the world.

Conveys emotion that will last a lifetime.

Imagine you can take the best moments of your life, immortalize them and cherish them forever. 

Art allows you to go back to these moments. “People will look to create an everlasting memory about something or someone that means a lot to them.” Says Samantha. She explains how one factor that brings joy into her work is: “Giving something that touches someone emotionally.” 

Captivated by her attention to detail, people will trust her with some of their most precious memories. Many of the commissions arriving at her hands are from customers asking her to portray their dogs, loved ones, or lost family members, among other things.

Before drawing, Samantha investigates the person. She takes everything she has learned, people’s feelings, and translates it into strokes that build upon the traits and features of the object portrayed.

When presenting the finished piece, something gets touched inside the spectator’s heart, a deep memory they haven’t visited in a while. “One client said it was the best thing she had ever received,” shares the artist. Tears or laughter take over their faces. One can be sure that what their feeling will remain tattooed in their minds. 

Art speaks where there are no more words to say. 

When left in the hands of a great artist, as Samantha says, Art can shine a light on situations that are not discussed. “Art speaks where there are no more words to say,” she shares. 

If there’s something that you feel about someone or something, schedule a chat with Samantha Messias. She would help you convey those feelings into a gift that your loved ones will never forget.

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