What The Hells Going On With Shiba Inu With Josh’s Finance

Hi, folks let me introduce you to my new friend Josh from Josh’s Finance. Josh specializes in the stock market and cryptocurrency investments. Josh’s Finance gives you all the latest technical analysis, price action, and news regarding cryptocurrency in the stock market. Josh searches for patterns and good entry points to the market for day traders and swing traders. Right now those patterns are telling Josh’s Finance Shiba Inu may be the one to be looking out for! That’s right folks, the lil ole hound dog from Japan could be about to go rabid again! 

After a period of correction from some amazing highs, Shiba Inu may dip a bit more before starting to climb again, which makes it a great time to buy. Remember folks buy low, sell high! But seriously what Josh wants you to consider is not just today’s price but what is the coin’s value in real terms. How much has been traded? What is its market cap? What is the overall trend over time? It’s these kinds of questions that the type of in-depth analysis performed by Josh can help you answer. 

So with Shiba Inu at number ten on Coinbase, a trading volume of around $717 million USD, down from around $1 – 2 billion USD, a market cap of $17.9 billion USD, and over 1.1 million holders, what do these numbers tell us? Well when you combine them with the trends, Josh’s Finance tells that in all likelihood Shiba is going to continue to dip in the short term. Josh’s Finance predicts it may dip as low as 3126 before the inevitable upswing. So watch closely over the next little while and choose your time to buy into the crypto boom. 
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