What Are the Common Traits of the Top 8 Entrepreneurs of 2022?


What qualities do successful entrepreneurs possess? Is the skill instinctive; are you naturally entrepreneurial? Or are these traits a product of upbringing? While there is no clear-cut definition of what makes a great entrepreneur, several traits frequently recur among the most prominent individuals. But what exactly are these traits? And how can we work to improve ourselves so that we become great entrepreneurs rather than simply regular employees? Let’s look at some of the entrepreneurial journeys from the year 2022!

1. Tai Lopez

Although most people call him Tai Lopez, his real name is Taino Adrian Lopez. Even if you don’t know his name, chances are you’ve seen his visage, especially if you started watching YouTube about three or four years ago. Millions of people saw Tai’s “Here in My Garage” advertisements, in which he implores you to visit his website to see how he accumulated his millions of “freedom units” (or bucks to you and me). You might be the lone one if you weren’t one of them.

Tai is a little mysterious. His estimated net worth is widely disputed, but most estimates put it at about $60 million. He’s a little bit silent on the subject. On a podcast with Logan Paul, he implied that the $50 million figure was underestimated. He addresses a live comment that stated he only earns $3–$5 million a year during one webinar. “I’ll have a heart attack if I make three million a month.” His present residence is a $44 million Hollywood Hills house.

Like many great success tales, Lopez’s entrepreneurial pursuits started when he was a little boy. His mother and grandmother reared him after being born in Long Beach, California, in April of 1977. Tai’s father spent most of his youth behind bars. Tai started his first company when he was just six years old. He discovered the value of demand while assisting his mother in selling her cherry tomatoes for 25 cents a bag. He saw very immediately that few individuals were interested in purchasing those tomatoes.

Tai decided to try selling “lemonade with sugar” instead of tomatoes with the youthful optimism of a youngster. That paid off for young Taino since he could sell $2.50 worth of lemonade in the same amount of time it took to sell one 25-cent bag of tomatoes. He understood that lemonade generated more revenue for him than cherry tomatoes, despite having the mathematical abilities of a six-year-old. He learned the importance of taking chances as a result of that event.

2. Serge Maurice Lobreau

Master’s Degree in Economics and Financial Markets. He has lived and worked on 4 continents and has 15 years of banking and hedge fund experience with major companies, including Microsoft, HDF, and Credit Agricole, managing over $2 billion in funds during his career.  He is a public speaker and a renowned global direct network marketing expert with a network of over 600,000 affiliate experiences and over $500 million in sales, event, and marketing experience, speaking to tens of thousands around the world to date.

Serge Maurice Lobreau is the Chairman and Founder of Flash Group and Sapian Group, pioneering the first gold-pegged  ICO in 2017, which raised $72 million in May 2018 via an asset-pegged token.  It is a digital banking platform ecosystem with its own blockchain technology and multi-currency exchange.

Serge Maurice Lobreau owns more than 23 organizations. His organizations include wealth management, asset management, sales channels, and blockchain and crypto-related companies. Some organizations have licenses for e-wallets, exchanges, and financial institutions and are authorized in Europe.  Serge has offices in Dubai, London, Luxembourg, Johannesburg, Tallinn, Singapore, Vilnius, Lithuania, and Spain. His businesses are global.

Because Serge Maurice Lobreau has a clear vision for the future, creating an action plan to achieve his goal is usually much easier. This visionary leadership style excels at motivating followers and making decisions based on a clear vision.

3. Maximilian (MDX Crypto)

As a multi-millionaire at the ripe age of 29 years old, Maximilian, or as he is more commonly known, MDX Crypto (@mdxcrypto), has risen to stardom within the world of crypto. His passion and true entrepreneurship spirit have garnered a loyal community of over 150k subscribers and followers on social media. Choosing the lesser-known path and dropping out of university at the age of 20, Maximilian established his first company at the stellar age of 22 years old.

Titan Investments, Maximilian’s first independent venture, paved the way for his interest in crypto. Maximilian’s journey into the world of all things crypto began in 2015, at a time when the now highly valuable market investment was looked at as a ‘foreign alien,’ but this did not deter his interests but only piqued his curiosity even more. In 2016, the now renowned crypto-expert traded his way to the top, yielding a massive $ 1 million in crypto derivatives. This was done through careful consideration and analysis of markets, along with investing in 60 early-stage crypto startups. With a growing passion and knowledge for the crypto sector, the only logical next step was for Maximillian to launch his very own platform. Dedicated to crypto, MDX Crypto officially launched in 2018. 

But this was not enough for the hungry entrepreneur as his main goal is to educate individuals on crypto’s power to help them become financially independent. Cue the launch of a secondary platform dedicated to educating its users on everything they need to know to yield higher investment returns from their crypto. MDX ALGO has sky-rocketed to success, with over 15,000 loyal and paying subscribers opting in for the platform’s one-of-a-kind services and tools. The platform offers automated trading bot systems, indicators, trading education groups, and more. 

Keeping in line with his values and desire to help others, part of the fee subscribers use to pay for the MDX ALGO platform use is donated to Strong Gens (@strong_gens), a non-profit organization that assists children stricken by conflict and crisis, providing them with much-needed essentials, education, healthcare and safe spaces (www.strong-gens.co.uk/donate). 

4. Michael Marriatti

 Celebrities and influencers investing in technology startups have undeniably increased. Year after year, fancy event after fancy event, Hollywood and Silicon Valley become more entwined. Michael Morriatti, an executive in the entertainment department at WME and a frequent angel investor in FinTech, has found himself at the nexus of entertainment and technology. With the opening of his brand-new venture company, Envisioned Capital, Morriatti has a lot to say about the two industries.

Since he can remember, Michael has been captivated by technology and entertainment. He first became interested in Hollywood’s dazzling lights when watching the Lakers with his grandfather in the 1990s, when all of The Who played courtside. Kobe Bryant became his favorite player as soon as he left the bench. From an early age, he knew he would grow up to be one of the best.

Michael had always envisioned creating media companies centered on the biggest stars in entertainment. Always, this was the aim. He was so fascinated by technology when he was younger. He recognized a unique opportunity to diversify into entertainment/technology alliances as he started to establish these firms and relationships. This is really important, but it wasn’t in 2013 when he started his first company. He was inspired to pursue a career in representation as a young man by Jerry McGuire, a beloved figure among fans.

He has always seen a direct connection between technology and entertainment. Technology and entertainment have long collaborated to deliver us the stuff we enjoy, from radio and television to the Internet today. According to Gary, entertainment is the tales we tell, and technology is how we tell them.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk will be familiar to everyone who has followed the social media trend over the past 10 years (Gary Vee). Vaynerchuk has been a pillar-like presence in the marketing, social media, and brand-building industries for the past ten years. He has a reputation for setting an exemplary example and exploring new horizons of possibilities. With the aid of blockchain technology, he is doing it once more.

Vaynerchuk’s blunt and direct style may irritate some, but the wisdom he has gained from his successes and disappointments has been a light in the entrepreneurial community. In contrast to most brand builders in the industry, he takes a novel approach to do this by disclosing openly what he believes would succeed and then chronicling the journey.

Around 2018, Vaynerchuk began shouting about technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other similar topics, but few people took him seriously. In 2022, you see him setting an example for other creators and demonstrating what is possible in this new era of digital ownership.

Late in April 2021, Vaynerchuk and his VaynerMedia team unveiled the NFT line Vee Friends. It is a collection of “art” that Vaynerchuk himself has hand-drawn, and it is valuable because of its novelty, utility, and sense of community rather than because of the caliber of the work itself.

Although there are countless perspectives on Vaynerchuk’s creative abilities, the project took off right away for one reason: community support. He built on that basis by including the immediate benefit of including a ticket to VeeCon for the following three years. Therefore, the values of each NFT have surged despite the cafe napkin-doodle atmosphere he put to each one.

His collection of the original drawings was sold at Christie’s Auction House for an astounding $1.2 million, giving this NFT even more authority. Even if it wasn’t the most expensive piece to sell at the auction, the fact that it took about six months from debut to sale at a reputable auction house is rather amazing given the artwork. Few artists have achieved that degree of popularity in a short time.

6.  Steve Miguel

Steve received his degree from The Republic of Benin’s National School of Applied Economics and Management (Africa). Who would have imagined that this modest graduate would one day become a well-known name in the world of internet traders and marketing professionals? Steve began his life by obtaining a standard 9 to 5 job, just like any other millennial. He soon saw that his potential as an entrepreneur was being diminished by this corporate grind, which not only prevented him from utilizing his time to the fullest extent.

In 2016, when Steve seized THE chance of his life, he already possessed some basic knowledge of network marketing and the internet. Still, he had to put up with some early setbacks. Even though young Steve had met his mentor, earning the same amount of money as him in a month rather than a year, things still didn’t make sense to him. And despite spending five years in the field and working for two reliable organizations, Steve could only reach 5% of his goals. However, it has long been believed that only diamonds can survive extreme pressure. All of that struggle strengthened him as a person and boosted his self-assurance. As time passed and he encountered more setbacks, his curiosity grew more evident. He claimed that the challenges, endeavors, and setbacks he experienced during that time taught him MORE about himself than anything else. He never gave up, which is one of the reasons he was able to achieve the outcomes.

At the top of his profession, Steve proudly stands as a model of success. After five years in the industry, he has made over $4,000,000 in sales, which comes to a monthly income of five figures, and over $22,000 via network marketing, which is close to six figures. All things considered, he and his partners today earn more than $264,000 a year.

7. Tyraa NIcole

Tyraa Caldwell Nicole, a real estate agent with 17 years of expertise, is innovative, self-assured, and reliable. She is a businesswoman, educator, mentor, advocate for women’s rights, and mother of two teenage girls. Her most notable accomplishment was turning Tyraa Nicole Property Management LLC into a flourishing business she sold earlier this year, earning her huge bucks. Her new company, Tyra Nicole LLC, is also flourishing at an astonishing pace. She wants to grow her company by helping her clients in the best way possible. Her main priority has always been to be the most admirable, amiable, and exemplary person she can be as a mother. A recent poll placed Tyraa among the top 10 successful business owners.

Tyraa Nicole LLC is committed to providing outstanding results to its clients. The organization provides a vast array of services. The team is led by the company’s founder and CEO, Tyraa herself. Her rental business is now doing quite well. Rentagade, an app she created, will make it easier for renters to look for a place to live. Her coworkers oversee the management of multi-family buildings. She intends to concentrate on teaching, educating, and mentoring in the future. 

8. Leslie T. Mitchell

For information on preventing burnout and work-related stress, contact Leslie T. Mitchell, a world-renowned corporate entrepreneur, certified life coach, credit consultant, speaker, trainer, and author. Founder and CEO of MindWork Solutions, Leslie T. Mitchell’s success as an entrepreneur emanates from her unrelenting attitude towards failure and her avidity towards overcoming barriers to greatness. Leslie’s accelerating approach towards empowerment, through teaching the modalities of establishing a solid financial infrastructure, has garnered the attention of women worldwide on the verge of independence, self-actualization, and complete mindset transformation. Specialized in Training and Development, Credit and Financial Consulting, and Transformational Leadership, Leslie packs over two decades of experience as a professional corporate executive.

A Corporate Entrepreneur, as she is commonly referred to, Leslie challenges those under her leadership to realize and reach for their full potential. A sought-after speaker, she moves minds from unsure to sure and from I can’t to I can through her seminars, workshops, and executive coaching programs.

Meet the Founder of Segal Lawyers, Nicole Segal(Opens in a new browser tab)

Leslie’s B.A.M (Balancing Act Masterclass) is the #1 masterclass on balancing, helping entrepreneurs to corporate executives find their footing on the balance beam of life and go from burnout to balance. In her book Balancing Act, Leslie shares how she could create a balanced life all while building her empire without sacrificing herself, her family or her business.

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