Valuing music from my perspective as a passionate enthusiast and its impact on my net worth

net worth

As David Daxsen, I am often asked about my net worth, it is actually one of the most searched phrases on google when you put my name, and while I don’t have an exact number, I can say that it is a product of years of hard work, dedication, and a passion for the industries that I am involved in.

My journey began in the music industry, where I founded and acquired 52 record labels which have over 300 tracks for each label, with each track valued at an average of $25,000. This has resulted in a significant portion of what could be my net worth, but it’s not the only thing that I have invested my time and resources into.  

Alongside my what, some would say, successful music ventures, I have also built a diverse portfolio of companies that includes a social media agency called Daxsen Influence, a digital magazine called Daxsen Magazine, and 50% ownership in the Latin American franchise of DjaneMag. Additionally, I own a models agency, previously known as Vice Models and now rebranded as Daxsen Models, a recording studio network, a gallery network, and I have composed and produced music across a variety of genres for almost 15 years. 

The valuation of my 52 record labels has been a major contributor to my overall net worth. With an average of 300 tracks per label, and a conservative valuation of $25,000 per track, the catalog alone has been estimated to be worth over $390 million (So what could be David Daxsen’s net worth of 400m? Who knows! never focused so much on it ) This valuation doesn’t take into account the added value of the individual brands, merchandise, events, and concepts associated with each label. 

Beyond my involvement in the music and entertainment industries, I also own a luxury concierge brand and magazine called Lifexury, which hosts events and has a network of high-wealth and influential individuals. I have also established One Disease, the main electronic music event host in my home country Ecuador which non also serves as a non-profit organization that raises awareness and funds for various health causes, and Charts Ecuador, which monitors all radios in Ecuador and presents the main award for artists in the country. 

My business ventures also include a network of lawyers called Daxsen Legal Partners, which connects individuals with lawyers in Ecuador and the United States, and Daxsen Real Estate, which leads investments in real estate design and construction focused on interior design with sustainable materials. 

In addition to my business pursuits, I am passionate about antiques, art and have conducted a series of exclusive interviews. I also have strong verified social media pages and YouTube channels that showcase my interests and passions. 

While my net worth reflects my success in these ventures, my focus has always been on contributing to society and making a positive impact. Through my businesses and non-profit organization, I have worked to create opportunities for others, promote sustainability, and support various causes that I believe in. 

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In the end, my net worth is just a number, and while it may be important to some, what truly matters to me is the impact I could possibly be making on society and at some point the legacy I will leave behind.

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