Unravel The Science Behind Pyramid of Peace With Sri & Kira


The pyramids have a significant priority in today’s society since they aid in healing and provide other natural resources. People have been examining the Pyramids of Giza from the inside out since they were found, discovering numerous beneficial items that the ancient humans employed to offer them tranquility. Furthermore, the pyramid has so much energy that anybody who meditates in its vicinity will notice an immediate difference, which will aid in their recovery path. This is one of the most effective methods for attracting positive energy and eliminating bad energy from the inside. “People who meditate in a pyramid report increased inner calm and their energy field increases, affording them protection from “bad energy,” according to one study.

Validating the Data

Scientists inoculated mice with a lethal virus to add much more actuality and belief to the energies emitted by the pyramid, and 60% of the mice in the pyramid survived compared to 7% of the mice in the usual environment. This demonstrates that pyramids are endowed with powerful healing powers that may benefit people as well. Furthermore, D.I. Ivanovsky of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Moscow) discovered that organisms’ immune systems enhanced after being exposed to the pyramid. The leukocyte composition of the blood increased, as did tissue regeneration!

In another experiment, roughly 5000 Russian inmates were put in pyramids for a few months, and even the most aggressive criminals altered their conduct and instilled more serenity and tranquility in them. This was also accomplished with the aid of salt and pepper in their meal, which was previously placed in the pyramid. The materials discovered inside the pyramids are also employed in medicine to improve efficacy and reduce adverse effects. At one point, the scientist also placed radioactive material within the pyramid, and the danger quickly lessened and vanished.

Make a Lasting Impact

You may get guidance from the pioneers, Sri and Kira, who have been in the profession for over 20 years, if you want to join the ideal treatment group. They have constructed the Pyramid of Peace in Ecuador, which is a 72-foot-tall pyramid and the first of 12 planned throughout the world. This one-of-a-kind 72-foot-tall pyramid is crafted completely of natural materials in the spirit of Mother Gaia’s yin and yang, with no metal used for the greatest frequency. These pyramids promote health and energy while also activating Higher Consciousness! Sri and Kira have also written a book on this and other vital concepts of yoga for self-ascension that will help you heal from the root and open the door of the heart to attract positive energies.

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You can also join them in their mission to become peace practitioners and help them bring peace to the world.“Receive a Piece of Peace with your Personal Name on a Tile which will be part of the Permanent design of the Pyramid. Your contribution will support Peace on the Planet.” Make yourself count, and make your energy count for the welfare of the world.

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