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Unlocking the Power of PR: Annie Scranton and Pace Public Relations

Annie Scranton

In a world where stories define us, narratives hold the power to shape perception; a remarkable figure has mastered the art of storytelling. Annie Scranton, the visionary founder of Pace Public Relations (PR), is not just another name in the realm of PR; she embodies passion, dedication, and unparalleled expertise.

In 2010, Annie Scranton took her fervor for storytelling and transformed it into the award-winning agency known as Pace PR. This agency is not just about press releases and media placements; it’s about crafting compelling narratives that resonate with the masses. Annie leads a results-driven team at Pace PR, fostering a collaborative approach and an unwavering commitment to continuous professional growth for clients and staff.

But what sets Annie Scranton and Pace PR apart from the rest? It’s a wealth of experience rooted in the television industry. Before establishing Pace PR, Annie spent nearly a decade as a seasoned television producer, booking guests for major networks, including CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, and ABC. These invaluable connections continue to give Annie and her team the upper hand in securing interviews for their clients on these prestigious networks and more. 

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In a landscape where technology and media are constantly in flux, Annie Scranton ensures that Pace PR always keeps pace. Recently, she ventured into the world of podcasts with ‘The PR Pace,’ where she interviews industry giants, Pace’s clients, and team members. As if that weren’t enough, Annie is set to add a published author to her impressive resume with “The Guide to Earned Media,” scheduled for release in August 2023 by Kogan Page.

But Annie Scranton’s journey doesn’t stop there. She’s also a mentor, shaping the next generation of public relations professionals at NYU’s School of Professional Studies. She’s an active alumna of Smith College, where she previously served on the Board of Directors for the New York Smith College Club and continues to collaborate on various projects. Annie’s joy knew no bounds when Pace achieved certification as a Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise in the state of New York this year, underlining her commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Beyond the boardroom and lecture halls, Annie Scranton’s life is a vibrant tapestry. She calls Manhattan home, sharing it with her husband, Michael, and her most outstanding achievement, her daughter Rose. But she’ll forever be a Jersey girl at heart, with the Jersey Shore as her summer sanctuary. And when it comes to sports, Annie is an unwavering Yankees fan and a decade-long season ticket holder.

On Viral Branding:

Annie Scranton’s success isn’t just about her personal journey; it’s about the lessons she imparts through Pace PR. Her insights into successful PR campaigns are invaluable:

Stay Informed: PR thrives on timely and relevant content. Stay on the pulse of current events and trends by subscribing to newsletters, setting up Google alerts, and tracking keywords.

Consistency is Key: Use multiple channels to share your message, ensuring that your brand’s identity is clear and recognizable across all platforms, be it social media, blogs, newsletters, or video sharing.

The Power of Storytelling: Storytelling is a potent tool in public relations. A well-crafted narrative can forge connections with your audience, elevate brand awareness, and cultivate a positive brand image.

Start Small: Before aiming for prominent websites and platforms, seek out smaller outlets to build awareness and credibility. Every big success often begins with humble beginnings.

Pace Public Relations: Unlocking Your Potential

At Pace Public Relations, PR services are not one-size-fits-all; they’re tailor-made to transform your goals, needs, and personal brand into captivating media attention. As a former print reporter and television producer, Annie Pace Scranton possesses the insider knowledge required to pitch clients effectively to the media.

Pace PR’s diverse client list ensures that they provide fresh segment ideas and story pitches across multiple fields, including but not limited to Affiliate PR, B2B PR, Book PR, Corporate PR, Cybersecurity PR, Legal PR, Lifestyle PR, Luxury PR, Small Business PR, Tourism PR, and Wealth Management PR.

Their commitment to personalized attention and consistent communication guarantees that every client’s unique needs are met. But their proficiency in traditional media outreach truly sets them apart.

Traditional Media Outreach:

Annie Pace Scranton’s background as a television producer and deep-rooted relationships in the media industry allows Pace PR to fulfill booking needs for producers and clients. They secure placements in broadcast media such as Good Morning America, FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, Today, HLN, CBS, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Fast Company, Inc., WSJ, NY Times, leading radio programs and stations like NPR and Sirius XM, and various podcasts.

Broadcast Media:

Broadcast media, encompassing television and radio, continues to wield immense influence. Television and radio appearances elevate brand image, credibility, and legitimacy, opening doors to new clients and opportunities.

In the competitive world of TV placements, having a robust PR team with media connections and background knowledge is essential. Pace PR ensures clients consistently secure TV, radio, and all broadcast media bookings.

Traditional Media:

Traditional media, including TV, print, and radio, holds its unique significance in conveying your message to the public. These avenues serve specific purposes, and each has its own impact.


Seeing yourself or your company on TV remains an unparalleled experience. Whether it’s a live interview on national cable news or a local network segment, broadcast media commands the largest share of advertising in the United States, instantly boosting credibility and brand-building.

Print + Digital:

A full feature or glossy spread about your business in newspapers and magazines generates unrivaled exposure. Pace PR excels in securing features and quotes in major newspapers and magazines across various verticals.

Radio + Podcast:

Radio reaches a broad demographic and provides opportunities for in-depth interviews. Radio clips make excellent marketing materials and help refine the message you wish to convey.

In a world where storytelling reigns supreme, Annie Scranton and Pace Public Relations are the maestros of narrative orchestration. With a passion for crafting compelling stories and a proven track record in traditional and new media, they’re not just public relations but the architects of your brand’s journey. Harness the power of PR, unlock your potential, and let Pace PR lead the way.

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