Meet Trevor Fey, Co-Founder of AMZ-Services, an Entrepreneur & Mentor in the World of Automated Amazon Sales

Amazon’s online selling platform has made it incredibly easy for third-party sellers the world over to deliver their products to customers, but like any new business venture, success is far from guaranteed.

Since 1999, Amazon has allowed third-party sellers to provide customers with a range of cross-industry products. From beauty products to electronics, educational materials to office equipment, home goods to apparel accessories, and more, over the last two decades Amazon has swelled into the world’s largest online shopping center for e-commerce. In 2017, Amazon accounted for 53% of all e-commerce sales alone. Amazon’s online selling platform has made it incredibly easy for third-party sellers the world over to deliver their products to customers, but like any new business venture, success is far from guaranteed.


That’s where entrepreneurs like Trevor Fey come in. Fey is the co-founder and CEO of AMZ-Services, an Amazon automation business that handles the entire process of selling products on Amazon for its clients.


I recently interviewed Trevor Fey to ask him more about his journey with AMZ-Services, his inspiration behind founding the company, and how he was able to achieve such rapid growth in such a short time.

Entrepreneurial Inspiration


“My mom always told me from a young age that, to be successful, you need to learn how to make money while you sleep,” says Fey, “and AMZ-Services was a way to do that. Once we saw the capability for automating sales on Amazon, we wanted to spread out and make it available to others.”


In true entrepreneurial fashion, Fey was able to identify a pain point, formulate a business plan around that point, and began attracting customers to his business. As of November 2020, AMZ-Services has sold over 4.5 million products for its clients on Amazon, with some 400,000 being sold between September and October of 2020 alone.


“Amazon automation sales are definitely a newer way to make money,” Fey continues, adding that many are still skeptical about the way it works. Oftentimes when something is referred to as ‘too good to be true’, that’s generally because it is, but Fey and his business are an outlier that disproves the stereotype. And they have the data to back it up. 


“When our customers are making thousands of dollars each month without doing anything, it’s a great thing to see. For us, it means we know that our business is making peoples’ lives easier.”

Always Give Value


Fey attributes a large portion of AMZ-Service’s success to the way he and his partners operate their business. While many other companies offering Amazon automation file each customer as a data entry in a spreadsheet, Fey says he makes sure to spend time getting to know each of his customers, placing people and personability before profit.


“A big thing we do that a lot of competitors don’t do is we won’t pass you to a middleman. My partner and I run the whole thing. We don’t just forward your info to someone else who sees you as a statistic. We interface with every single customer. This way, we both get to know each other and build relationships. We get to know our clients while keeping it professional, and they talk straight to the source.”


As it turns out, Fey’s approach worked. He and his partner have even acquired clients with pre-existing Amazon seller accounts that have been able to show profitable returns virtually immediately, within their first month of selling. One client Fey refers to as “David” said he expected to make “a few thousand dollars each month” from signing up with AMZ-Services. To David’s surprise, his first two months with AMZ-Services saw profits of $6k and $9k respectively. Fey says David’s account now sees profits of roughly $15k each month.

Experience As A Teacher


While AMZ-Services is seeing rapid growth – both in its clientele and revenue – Fey, like many entrepreneurs, did not achieve success overnight. Every new venture, regardless of industry or market, is not without its share of risks. Success comes from how visionary leaders such as Fey are able to navigate and mitigate those risks.


When asked what his top piece of advice would be to other entrepreneurs, Fey said: “be careful who you go into business with. Your business is like a marriage. You need to ask yourself difficult questions and be honest with yourself on the answers. ‘Do I see myself working with this person in the long run? What will our relationship look like 2, 3, or 5 years down the road? What about 10 or 15 years?’ It’s not always easy when there’s money involved.”


Undoubtedly, Fey is far from the first entrepreneur to share such sentiments. Although he did offer one last quip before our interview concluded, chuckling as he did so.


“Find a good accountant, and hold onto them.”

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