This Executive Coaching Firm has a unique skillset

This group has become one of the most sought after groups in 2021, whereas most firms offer an array of skills, this group decided to be intentional about how they wanted to lead.  Founder and CEO Ayana Brody Parham, described her experience in corporate america as a toxic and disempowered place in which they only spoke about leadership development once you reached a certain pinnacle. Unknown to them, emotional intelligence takes center stage in career growth and promotions. Since emotional intelligence isn’t emphasized in most organizational systems, getting a coach to walk you through that journey is among the best decisions you can make if you want to seize all growth opportunities around you.

Parham, an executive coach who specializes in emotional intelligence, brings her experience, skills, and strategies that guarantee her clients an opportunity to lead wherever they find their leadership qualities. She is a genius who utilizes emotional intelligence in almost every aspect of her life since she knows the misery and pain of being unappreciated and unnoticed. She works tirelessly for her clients to see them skyrocket in organizational ranks within the shortest time, utilizing a modern and evidence-based approach.

But Parham did not start that way. The journey for her was like that of most leaders who lack emotional intelligence. Over the last 13 years, she has seen white men being rewarded for bare basics at work and geniuses like herself and many other minorities being passed for promotion. In several occurrences, she felt ready to lead and knew her  time to shine had come, but the organization declined her suggestion claiming that she did not fit into their culture. 

“ There were so many people just like me, who were denied opportunities to lead based on some medicare standard and yes man mentality, I created a coaching program for those who want to lead intentionally and with a purpose.” She continues, “Now, working with so many people virtually, we have found a platform to help leaders work through their kinks in an environment that is safe and creative, we work on the things that matter most to them.”

As an executive coach firm, Parham and Associates prides itself in taking a strategic approach to reach experienced and upcoming leaders through a webinar. Here, Parham shares four primary emotional responses you can fall victim to, how to manage, practice, and prevent these responses from affecting those around you. The firm continues to “create strategies and resources that support aspiring leaders of color.” With such support and opportunities, upcoming leaders can develop an awareness of their emotions at the onset of their careers to manage and respond appropriately to the emotions of others.

Parham and Associates is also for the many leaders who feel unable to recognize, cope and overcome negative emotions in the professional world. Through emotional intelligence, individuals can improve intentional leadership, team alignment, remove unconscious biases and create an effective team performance and accountability.


If you are an aspiring leader of color and you feel you’ve missed promotions and opportunities, though you are qualified, it’s time you reconsidered your emotional intelligence. Since you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to start, Parham and Associates got you. With this strategic and personalized coaching, you can be sure to move up the leadership positions, influence more people and leave a lasting legacy. To contact Parham and her team, click here.

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