The Rise of Lori Aloisio and Her Unconventional Approach to Weight Loss

Lori Aloisio, a registered nurse and a spiritual health coach, currently focuses on helping women lose excess weight. She is focused on building women’s confidence and assists them in developing their life’s purpose. While working as a Registered Nurse, Lori discovered some anomalies that accompanied the profession’s guidelines. Her methods do not align with the practices of selling diet shakes and drugs which is one of the traditional ways of tackling excessive weight in her profession. She’d prefer to tackle the source of excess weight than just dealing with the superficial symptoms. This made her quit her job to establish her business, 

Healthy & Free Life.


Asides from being a Registered Nurse, Lori is also a spiritual health coach. She is a woman that is constantly hungry for more knowledge which was why she went further to study nutrition and alternative medicine. There are a lot of products out there that claim to help women lose excess weight without tackling the problem’s etiology. Lori is known for using a holistic and encompassing approach when dealing with her clients. She is known for formulating weight loss methods without using conventional weight-loss diets, routine workouts, and portion restrictions. 


As a spiritual health coach, Lori works with the Law of Attraction. The myth that the weight loss journey is a struggle needs to be eradicated. Lori has introduced entertaining ways of achieving this. It is completely in our power as women to get the body we desire and live the life we’ve always wanted with confidence. Achieving this goal starts with self-love, behind the scene work, and the Law of Attraction.


Many women out there are clueless about how to start their weight loss journey. Some are tired of using several weight loss products that only provide temporary solutions. This has prompted Lori in using her discovered power in helping these women out. The modern witch has blended the Law of Attraction (spiritual approach) and introduced healthy plant-based food (nutritional approach) in formulating a fitness and health plan for women.


Lori Aloisio removes the cause of excess weight, so it does not reoccur. The conventional method removes the superficial problem of weight loss. Still, these methods are blind to the reason why women are overweight and have food cravings. 


Her business, Healthy & Free Life, targets women in the modern age and spiritual society. Diet change and exercise can assist in weight loss. However, sustaining it revolves around building up your spiritual energy, changing your thought pattern, and self-love. Seeing yourself in a different outlook is the first step to weight loss, and Healthy & Free Life walks women through this step. Lori ‘s work helps women lose weight by assisting them in renewing their energy and increasing their spiritual frequency. The basics of all these are to make women feel great about themselves. According to the Law of Attraction, the better you feel, the more you attract good things to yourself. Women who feel wrong about their weight loss journey have low energy. This is why at Healthy & Free Life, we assist women in rectifying that by increasing their energy level.


Lori Aloisio founded Healthy & Free Life in 2015 due to her passion for women’s well-being and health across the globe. She received a Health Care Bachelor’s degree and commenced work in Finland as a Registered Nurse. Lori was fastidious in noticing the several factors that have undermined Western medicine’s approach in today’s world. Lori can lecture and walk women through weight loss as she has lost weight after using these methods she learned while studying Alternative Medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and nutrition.


She has defied the guidelines that followed her professional practice by introducing alternative techniques, which are now accepted today. Lori Aloisio’s alternative methods include the S.H.I.F.T method (which she developed herself),  shadow approach, healing of past trauma and scars, self-love, Law of Attraction, amongst others. Many of her clients have testified to the success of Lori ‘s methods in helping to lose excess weight, hence her name as a weight-loss witch.


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