The Power of Betting on YOU


I am a communicator by day and writer at night. I am a spiritual being having extreme human experiences. I give advice with the understanding that my life isn’t as glamorous as it appears on Social Media. In fact, I am a mess most days and internally complete other days. So, in light of this knowledge please enjoy my contribution to the world.

Most writers would not write this opening line because it’s odd but in 2021 my mission is to be as transparent as possible. Someone who only speaks from the heart and soul because at the end of the day, I can’t sugar coat stuff, I’m not Willy Wonka.

So, here it goes…

As a person that owns multiple companies, some have failed and some that have not, I have had to adjust into diving deeper into who I am and where my flawed decision-making process has been. This isn’t and hasn’t come easy. You see, some of us believe that the world is for us while others perceive the world as against ourselves.

As for myself, I believe in my heart and in my head that whatever I touch turns into gold, literally. So, there is a sort of nostalgia when it comes to the reality of my life which is directly connected to all my businesses. For me, it is fascinating because our brains are simply magnificent. We are internally wired to overcomplicate the simple and simplify the overcomplicated.

Why is this?

I don’t know but I am on the continual search for it. I think one of the individuals who knows is Tony Robbins, the master of his own existence and the mentor to millions of others. But, for time sake, let’s dive into my view on the power of betting on you.

There are a few things I feel like I am learning at 39 years young that haven’t possibly identified because of my lack of self-awareness, or let’s be truly honest, my inability to recognize the reality of my situation.

So, in light of that here’s my 7 core beliefs on why betting on yourself is the most intense investment you can have:

1. You will always learn more and become more which allows you to manifest more

2. You won’t lose as long as you don’t give up

3. You will improve the lives of others around you

4. It allows you to increase your actions

5. You increase your self-worth and net worth

6. You make decisions outside of your ego

7. You become your own holy grail

These 7 core principals have become my lifeline so to speak. It has created an important awareness that has changed the trajectory of my entire life both personally and professionally because at the end of the day, YOU are the most lucrative investment that you could ever make.

I believe in you. I believe in us.

Be Bold. Be Great. Be You.

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