The Most Common Mistakes Coaches Make on Sales Calls

Business coach and sales expert Isabella Sanchez shares the most common mistakes made on sales calls and how to avoid them

Let’s be honest, the word ‘sales’ makes us all shiver a little. We resonate ‘sales calls’ with the cold callers we get dialing our mobiles who try and sell us better broadband. 


As a business coach, selling your high ticket packages is your main goal. We may try to sell our programmes through a range of different forms such as social media, advertising, email marketing etc. However, once you catch your future client through one of these funnels, you will then often have to sell yourself further over a call to secure the deal, that is unless you’re lucky enough to get direct purchases. Win!


Business coach, Isabella Sanchez, shares with us her top tips in mastering your sales calls.


You’re not asking for consent to call

We do permission-based marketing, period. There’s nothing ‘ickier’ that will turn someone off immediately than pushy sales tactics. You want to challenge them, yes, but not push and force. The first step when making a sales call is to always ask for permission. Preface the sales call by asking permission to go deeper and challenge them. This will make them feel at ease and create a safe environment for authenticity and transformation.


You’re talking too much

Most coaches feel the need to over-explain and fill every single silence in a call, which leads to overwhelm and not giving the potential client space to process. And remember, confusion leads to a no. Tip: talk 20% of the time and focus on asking high-quality questions.


Not following up

I know you already know this but are you doing it? What I see is coaches taking a “no” the wrong way on a call, making it about themselves and their worth, when in reality a “no” just means that there wasn’t enough value built that exceeds the price in the eyes of the potential client. The client might need to process some stuff and consume more of your content.

Follow up, follow up, follow up.


DO NOT subscribe to your clients limiting stories

If a potential client has an excuse that’s holding them back like “I’m just not ready yet” or “I need more time.” Do NOT give up on them. You are here to hold a vision for them and show them what’s possible.

Instead, go deeper. Ask deeper questions instead of subscribing to their limiting stories to help them see what is possible for them. This will also build a more of an emotional connection with this person.

“If you follow these tips and really master them, I am positive that you will be a pro at sales calls,” says Isabella.

To learn more about Isabella and her work, head over to her Instagram.

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