The importance of discipline and focus according to Barry Johnston


In order to achieve success in any endeavor, discipline, and concentration are important traits; nevertheless, these qualities are especially crucial for athletes. Focus is the capacity to concentrate one’s attention and energy toward a particular job or goal, while discipline is the ability to regulate one’s behaviors and maintain a consistent path of action toward a goal. Both are necessary for success. When combined, these characteristics make it easier for athletes to maintain their focus and make progress toward their objectives, especially in the face of setbacks and difficulties. Athletes need discipline in order to keep a regular training plan, adhere to a healthy diet, and resist distractions and temptations that may lead them to veer off course and lose sight of their objectives. On the other hand, the focus is essential for athletes because it enables them to channel all of their attention and energy into the activity that they are now engaged in. When an athlete is concentrated, they are able to tune out unnecessary stimuli and pay attention to the activity that is currently being performed.

Barry Johnston is an entrepreneur, a senior martial artist, and a sports instructor. He has been training in and instructing a variety of sports, including martial arts, for more than four decades. Barry Johnston began practicing sports when he was just 13 years old. During this period, he has garnered a reputation as a master of self-control and concentration, and he has assisted a large number of pupils in realizing their full potential in the field of martial arts. 

Power of discipline

Johnston has shown the efficacy of self-discipline and concentration, as well as the ways in which these qualities may assist martial artists in achieving higher levels of ability and accomplishment. Johnston’s method of teaching martial arts is predicated on the idea of “whole person development,” which takes into consideration not just the martial artist’s physical training but their mental and emotional well-being as well. Because he is of the opinion that discipline and concentration are necessary components for reaching one’s full potential in terms of performance, he has devised a comprehensive method of training that focuses on these aspects.

The importance that Johnston places on discipline is one of the fundamental tenets of the lessons that he teaches. He is of the opinion that having a strict code of conduct is necessary in order to achieve continuity in one’s training and to keep up a healthy way of life. He urges his students to establish a regular training routine, maintain a nutritious diet, and steer clear of distractions and temptations that may cause them to veer off course from the objectives they have set for themselves. The pupils will have a better chance of reaching their objectives if they maintain this level of consistency in their exercise and lifestyle choices. 

Power of focus

Focus is another topic that is given a lot of importance by Johnston. He is of the opinion that it is necessary to have a concentration in order to concentrate one’s attention and energy on the activity that is now being performed. When the martial artist is concentrated, they are able to block out distractions and concentrate on the task at hand, whether it is performing a particular move or participating in a competition. This is true whether the martial artist is trying to execute a move or compete in a match. It is especially vital in martial arts to be able to concentrate on the job at hand since this enables a martial artist to respond swiftly to changing situations and make split-second judgments, both of which may be the deciding factor in whether or not they win. 

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The students of the subsequent generation of martial artists have been profoundly influenced by Johnston’s lectures on discipline and concentration. A great number of martial artists have been able to realize their full potential and thrive in their various disciplines with the assistance of his holistic method of training, which takes into account the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the martial artist. It is because of his emphasis on discipline and concentration that so many martial artists have been able to achieve their goals, and he is responsible for altering the manner in which many people think about the training and growth of martial artists.

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