The Courage to Win: Building Confidence for Women in the Workplace

When it comes to beginning out in the corporate world, we observe that women are frequently afraid of taking risky steps.The society expects women to act in a “particular way,” and if she doesn’t, she has all fingers pointed at her, often being labelled as aggressive if she speaks up forcefully, while a man will be considered assertive.Every woman wants to overcome imposter syndrome, achieve confidence, and be in a position of authority in order to make a difference.

Jill Bausch is a motivational writer that concentrates solely on this element and is making a difference with her book, “Why Brave Women Win: Creating Your Path to Confidence and Power in the Workplace,”in which she shares her experiences across the globe, including failures, tragedy and joy. Even if she is reluctant at first, a woman should always project confidence because once she does, it becomes a natural trait of hers, and she doesn’t even have to try, and she becomes a natural role model for other women.

Leaving A Life Of Luxury To Make An Impact

Jill Bausch had a very comfortable life with a senior role in marketing luxury hotels and had everything she ever desired- position, money, and power. But when she observed the suffering endured by women all around her, she realized she needed to speak up in order to achieve fulfillment in her life. She quickly rose to the position of CEO of Futures Group Europe, where she advocated for behavioral change, and sexual health as the HIV/AIDS epidemic ravaged Asia and Africa. She began talking about it publicly in order to raise awareness and inspire the rest of the world to assist such people. Bausch currently coaches high-performing CEOs for UN agencies such as the World Health Organization as well as other major organizations such as LVMH, The Green Climate Fund, The Center for Reproductive Rights, and The World Bank.


Jill authored the book ‘Why Brave Women Win’ to inspire women everywhere and to provide crucial tools on how to succeed and be a figure of authority in the workplace. She has also highlighted winning habits of highly successful women, allowing you to learn about the traits seen in successful women and attempt to instill them in yourself. Furthermore, she has highlighted many levels of listening that you may not have known about before. Based on the impact, these levels of listening have the capacity to draw you toward or away from success.

Bausch has spoken on the value of bravery and done a wonderful job of showing the complexity a woman may encounter in the workplace.She emphasizes how women should never back down and instead combat everything with confidence. Her own journey did not begin on the path of success until she took the reins of her life in her own hands, and by doing so, highlighted that even if you are doing something you don’t particularly enjoy, you need to hold on to the hope that better days are coming. You will make a name for yourself and be a role model for others once you unleash your full potential since you already have the advantage of being a woman.

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