Straight Up Growth is Helping Businesses See Straight Up Success

For growing businesses and startups, knowing the ins and outs of marketing and sales tends to be a learn-on-the-job process. As well as navigating the industry of your service or product, there are many sub-industries within the business world that can leave you feeling out of your depth. For example, most businesses will recognize that Amazon is an absolute necessity for sales, but may be unsure about how to optimize this.

Specialist Amazon growth agency Straight Up Growth helps brands thrive, assisting with things like advertising, sponsored posts, ad campaigns, SEO, Google ads, and more. They help businesses move from the early stages of setting up their Amazon marketplace and turning them into leaders to see incomparable success. 

One of their success stories is with sports nutrition supplements company ProSupps. Director of online sales Allison Frahn explains that as a new brand on Amazon, she had no idea what she would have done without strategy expert Daniel Tejada and the Straight Up Growth team. “Not only did he patiently walk me through the ins-and-outs of Amazon advertising,” she explains, “but he guided me through the operational aspects as well.” Straight Up Growth offered expertise across various areas from sponsored products, sponsored display, and videos, to even spending hours on the phone with support. “Even more, we chat every single day!” she adds. “He has left no stone unturned to get the job done.”

Another health brand, Keto Mojo, praised the agency for its strategic, hands-on, and tactical approach. Representative Sue Furdek spoke of increased market share while reducing advertising spending, by strategically shifting budget allocation. “We’ve seen some really strong improvements in our Amazon advertising metrics since starting with Straight Up Growth,” she explains. She also notes that they are data-driven, and possess good instincts and ideas for expanding reach.

One of their biggest success stories is undoubtedly dog toy brand Bullibone. CEO Trevor Jenson praised the agency for bringing its sales to an all-time high during a “critical time” for the business. After seeing good sales through their website, it was hugely underperforming on Amazon, bringing in just $15,000 a month. By identifying an opportunity to improve conversion rates, and targeting the lack of organic visibility on Amazon, they were able to give it a strong presence on the platform and completely transform their sales and bring them in $1M a month, or 6566% growth.  “Straight Up Growth exceeded our sales targets and expectations,” Jenson says.

Living up to their namesake, Straight Up Growth continues to bring straight up success for businesses, covering all bases and stopping at nothing to ensure every client reaches their sales potential and facilitates the growth they are capable of when given the right tools.

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