Spy Phone Phone Tracker App Does Its Part to Keep Families Safe

There is no feeling more heart-sinking for a parent than to be completely disconnected from their children with no way of knowing where they are. Spy Phone Labs, LLC, a New York-based software developer, understands this terrifying circumstance. Therefore, this forward-thinking company is fully committed to creating innovations that harness modern technology’s power to help families stay safe and secure. Specifically, Spy Phone Labs, LLC has created Spy Phone Tracker—a family-centered solution to knowing where your children are at all times and more.

Spy Phone Phone Tracker is an app download on both Android and iOS smartphone systems. Available free of charge, parents can use this app to monitor activity on up to five Android or iOS smartphones. 

Something to think about 

According to an article published by NCR, 53 percent of children in the United States own a smartphone by age 11. And the percentage goes up with age. A survey by Common Sense Media has been tracking phone usage of teens and children since 2003. They say 84 percent of teenagers now have their own phones. 

With the global access a smartphone provides, parents have reason to be concerned. Most teens and children use their smartphones as their primary internet connection point. While they may never intentionally use their phone in a way that could be harmful, just owning the phone gives millions of people access to your child.


These thoughts are horrifying. However, your child or teen having a smartphone also has many positive components, such as being able to contact help instantly in case of an emergency. Another positive is knowing where they are at every moment after downloading the Spy Phone Tracker app. 


Spy Phone Phone Tracker keeps a close eye on your child’s location with GPS technology. Think of all the times you might use this app for peace of mind: Your teen is 20 minutes late from being out with friends, so you simply check his location on Spy Phone Tracker to see that he is almost home. Or, maybe you are on a family vacation and get separated from your children. Spy Phone Tracker can help with that situation, too. 

Additional useful features

The Spy Phone Phone Tracker app also has other valuable aspects such as a new Panic Button and a Lost Phone feature to help parents manage phones. Parents can also access the reverse phone look-up component to see who contacted their child and view an entire list of phone contacts. This information is available 24/7 with access via the Phonetracker.com website and interface.

A new Geo-fencing feature is coming soon to the Spy Phone Tracker app. This component will allow parents to set perimeters on their children’s phones. If they go outside of those barriers, parents receive an alert.


Even if you do not have children, the Spy Phone Phone Tracker app still has practical capabilities you can use. The software’s GPS monitoring serves as a deterrent against smartphone theft. As mentioned previously, you will have access to a Panic Button and Lost Phone Tracker features.


You might be wondering about privacy. The Spy Phone App is not a hidden app and is intended for legal use only. The user is 100 percent responsible for knowing and complying with all local and federal laws associated with this technology. For instance, you should only install the Spy Phone app on devices you own or have legal permission to monitor. 


To conclude

Spy Phone Labs, LLC has given parents permission to relax and stop worrying with the SPY Phone Tracker app. Whether you need to monitor which friends your child is seeing or chatting with online, thwart cyberbullying, or just give yourself peace of mind when your teenagers head out in the car, the Spy Phone Tracker app is there for you. 

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