SotgMando is Putting Antioch on the Map

Ron Alejandro Figueroa Hogan also known as SotgMando has been making a name for himself. He spoke a lot of his earlier life and explain that you can never give up if you want to make it. SotgMando grew up in a small city in the Bay Area called Antioch, He moved home to home all over the Bay Area , Las Vegas & Arizona. He had some troubles growing up financially struggling and witnessing his parents fight and argue. But he knew he cant let any of those things get in his way from reaching his goals and dreams. That is why he decided to create his rap name SotgMando and have it stand for “Stay On That Grind Mandatory” Because no matter what , He is always staying on that grind.

SotgMando knows the perfect implementation of beats and rhythm, which plays a vital role in creating masterpiece tracks. Daily long hour practice to polish his heavenly melodious voice. He worked tremendously hard to establish himself in the industry without any Godfather. SotgMando has come across a long journey to achieve his success today. His determination, passion, and consistent, efficient performances were the asset of his success ladder. The great success of his tracks has given him racemization in this vast industry, which is the most competitive to survive as there is a massive artist who performs on the same platform. But only pure talent with unique skills and music creation can hit the right chord. All his songs has gone forward in achieving a rising presence on the musical charts, proving the lyrical prowess and goodness of SotgMando. These songs demonstrate his integrity as a singing talent and show the world that he earns much more.

SotgMando is a young and promising rapper from the Bay Area. Born in Antioch, California, he was reared in various homes throughout the bay area. He began creating music when he was 14 years old, utilizing a phone and free beats. Then, as time passed, he was able to upgrade to a home studio. He came up with his rap name by penning some lines and stitching them together one day. “Stay on that grind is mandatory” is not just a name for him, but a way of life that he will live and die by.





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