Finding Financial Freedom with Shylo Eckstrom

There’s something so inspiring about female entrepreneurs who totally crush it. They are always so focused and determined. Consequently, they reach their dreams and then go far beyond their expectations. This is the story of Shylo Eckstrom. And she has a message for women like her who need to channel their leadership energy and go out and do what they want to do and be who they know they are.


Shylo would tell you that it doesn’t matter how far you think you have sunk financially — you can get out of that mess. She’s lived through financial tragedies and survived. Her husband lost his very high-profile job as a professional racer, they blew through their savings and investments just to stay afloat, and they accrued half a million dollars in debt that took them right to the brink of bankruptcy.


These dire circumstances turned Shylo into a person she didn’t recognize anymore. Her health was suffering from the stress, she harbored extreme shame, and she was not enjoying life with her family. The weight of these factors nearly broke her. 


Then something inside her took hold and reminded her she had a family to care for, and just as importantly, she had to teach her children how to fight in the face of adversity. And so she mustered up all her strength and rounded up her support system, and got to work. 


Today she is a multi-million dollar team builder, the CEO of her podcast, Grit and Grace, and an international keynote speaker. All of this success has earned her a top spot in the line-up of female entrepreneurs in her industry. How did she do it? Here’s her journey and some advice for women everywhere. 

A brave first step


Shylo had already determined something had to change, and that change would come from within her. So, the first thing she had to do was learn to trust her gut. When a business opportunity came her way, she got a positive vibe. After doing her research, she was all-in, and she has never looked back since.


Shylo admits she is independent, almost to a fault. So allowing herself to learn from others and ask for help was entirely out of her comfort zone. However, stepping down and letting someone with expertise and experience teach her how to be successful at her business was one of the best moves she made along her journey. Shylo explains, “By reaching out, I learned and grew, and I helped others learn and grow too. I expanded my business, lifted some of my stress, and was just generally a more pleasant person to be around.”

Beginning the healing process

Going into this venture, Shylo had absorbed a great deal of stress that was affecting her health. There is also stress with building a business, so she had to be vigilant with her self care. She made sure she was eating right and drinking enough water, and getting a fair amount of exercise. She also learned she had to dial back her energy now and then and take a break. “I know it can seem counterintuitive when you’re constantly pushing yourself to the limit, but you can only go hard if you have the energy to do so. So sometimes I just have to put everything down, take a few deep breaths, and let myself relax,” says Shylo.

Helping others is her passion

From the ashes rose a new and improved Shylo. She trusted her instincts and jumped into that business opportunity. She humbled herself to step back and learn from others. Now, she’s crushing it every single day, and she wants to help others learn to do the same. Shylo explains, “No challenge is big enough to stand between you and the financial freedom that you deserve. Nothing is important enough to stand between you and the life you want to live.” 


She makes it sound so easy, but she knows it’s not easy. And this is her edge. Most people do not start at the deficit she did because most people are not half a million dollars in debt. If she can help herself out of that predicament, she can help others. And now, this is her mission.


Shylo organizes events that target her strategies for breaking that glass ceiling and earning those 6 and 7 figure salaries. She is a professional financial mentor dedicated to helping others discover their financial freedom. Her personal story is proof that dreams do come true. Shylo had people helping her, and now she wants to help others. “I am passionate about people and their success. My ultimate goal is to help people live the life they deserve.”


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