Serial Entrepreneur Nick Bey’s Diverse Passions Span From Technology to Health and Wellness — But It’s All Just About Helping People

Everyone needs to be passionate about something. Nick Bey, a computer programmer, turned serial entrepreneur, would disagree. He would profess that everyone should be passionate about many things. These days, Bey is promoting Bey Moss — his newest venture with wife Charmaine. 

The Bey Moss brand is a dried and prepared purple moss superfood the power couple has manufactured into various forms of supplements. Singer and performer Lizzo is among a slew of famous customers who ‘sing’ the praises of this purple wonder. It’s not surprising that celebrities flock to this product with its celebrity-status founders. You might know ‘Neek’ and Charmaine from the VH1 reality hit Black Ink Crew Chicago. 

A relatively new company, launched in January 2020, Bey Moss has reached unbelievable popularity in the health and wellness industry. Bey Moss is derived from purple sea moss, said to have extraordinary health benefits that improve the immune system. Containing 92 of the 102 essential minerals the human body needs, the brand attests that purple sea moss is one of the planet’s most nutrient-rich superfoods.

So, what can Bey Moss do for you? The strong alkaline presence provides users with organic salts that build and vitalize the human body. As an oxygen carrier, the sea moss helps rid the body of waste and boosts the immune system. Users can expect to see improvements in their skin and digestive health. The mega-minerals are also said to naturally regulate thyroid function, decrease mucus production, and maintain healthy fluid balances.

The Beys have manufactured this powerful immune system booster as a mixable powder, gels, capsules, gummies, and water with a 100% biodegradable bottle. Bey Moss, however, is not the first entrepreneurial success for Nick Bey. His first passion is technology, and this fascination goes back to a very young age. 

Following his calling, Bey pursued a computer programming degree at Howard University. While at Howard, Bey received a grant from the National Science Foundation to design, build, and implement the first portable weather station in Cameroon, Africa. This weather station would help local farmers increase crop production, thus improving the overall quality of their lives.

But this accomplishment was not the pinnacle for Bey. He was just getting started. His trip to Cameroon was the inspiration for his first company, Relevant Systems. For Bey, this adventure would be one that addressed a problem he is passionate about — inequality in technical careers for minorities and women.

In an inspiring video on the Relevant Systems website, Bey reveals some startling statistics about minorities and women who want to pursue a career in a technical field. With only 17% of tech-executives being minorities, Bey found a way to assist women and African-Americans by acquiring everything they need to create and launch a tech start-up for a low cost.

Why is Bey so passionate about helping minorities and women succeed? He remembers what it was like to have dreams of owning a business and hitting a brick wall time after time. In a recent article from Disrupt Magazine, Bey states, “It’s about being resilient and staying true to yourself. Throughout the journey, there were a lot of failures. The failures were my best teachers because when things were their worst, only the positive and constructive thoughts got me out of my situation and into a much better one.” So, today as founder and CEO at Relevant Systems, he makes it his mission to represent the under-represented by striving to create awareness of the business sector’s inequities. 

As a black entrepreneur and businessman, Bey’s passions are diverse. He believes in changing the dynamics and the norms in the technology industry to level the playing field for qualified minority entrepreneurs. He is also passionate about helping people live a healthier life with his leap into the health and wellness industry with his wife, Charmaine. 

Nick Bey is the perfect example of a man who goes after what he wants despite the barriers. But he would be the first to tell you that getting around those barriers and arriving where he is now was not easy. And because he has never forgotten his struggles, he will also be the first to help you reach your goal — whether that goal is owning a tech business or living a healthier life. 

For more about the Bey Moss brand, check out Bey Moss online and on Instagram.

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