Savvy Chic Designer Joanna Sherrow Shares the Secrets To Sales-Converting Web Design

The domination of Social Media in the online sphere has helped people stay connected like never before. Businesses capitalizing on this trend have developed their own personalized online identities to engage and interact with their audiences, however, relying on these social media platforms as the primary means of conducting your business can harm you in the long run. You’re at the mercy of these app developers’ whims, and you never know when a social media platform might change something that affects your ability to conduct your business, or even dies off completely!


That’s why a personalized web site is still a key tool in managing your online presence. Having a space created specifically for your product or service that people can find and interface with on your own terms is essential for maintaining success. Web Designer and Canva Certified Creative, Joanna Sherrow has been building websites for over 5 years, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses to effectively connect with their audience through intuitive and intentional design that speaks her client’s brand language, through her Savvy Chic Design platform. She has seen exactly how poor web design affects her client’s sales and has studied hard to understand how customer experience on a web site converts into increased sales performance.


Joanna recently offered some key tips to consider for entrepreneurs when looking to create a website:


Choosing a platform for your website

As the digital landscape has matured, we now have access to many option when deciding how best to tackle your website development project. Platforms like Kajabi, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix and more have emerged to make creating your website easier than it’s ever been! I personally use Kajabi when designing for clients because of the sheer power and customizability it offers to translate a client’s needs into a powerful and beautiful webpage, but other options like Squarespace are good for ease-of-use if you’re not good with things like coding. They all have their pro’s and cons so find one that works best for you!


Keep it sweet and simple

When it comes to designing a website, less can be more. Nobody wants to be bombarded with information, and seeing those big blocks of text can have people running away in no-time. Instead, focus on the strengths of your product or service, the value you will provide for your customers and paint the picture of what their success looks like when you product has helped them. People have short attention spans nowadays, and love it when things are painted clearly for them.


Accessibility is key

Make sure to plan your website out with your customer in mind. What happens when they first click the link and arrive? What do you want them to see first? Your website needs to appeal to the customer beyond just the functional level. It needs to be easy to read and navigate, while still maintaining the elegance and character of your brand image. You don’t need a bunch of buttons and menus all over the place, but ensure that your customer can find the information they need without a hassle.


Call To Action!

Your call-to-action is what brings in the bacon! Once you’ve got someone to visit your website, direct them to where they need to go to seal the deal. Placing Call-To-Actions clearly on your pages at the top, bottom (and even the middle if your page is long enough) clearly states to them “this is where you should go!” It might sound a bit silly, but people really respond to clear direction, and my client’s conversion numbers would agree! Do you want them to book a call? Download a freebie? Make sure they know what to do and where to do it. Really make it easy for them to be your customer!

Joanna has been helping Knowledge Entrepreneurs to boldly step up and become authority figures in their field. She’s a Web Design wizard that utilizes WordPress and Kajabi to create personal, business, and course websites that showcase her client’s expertise and engage with their audiences. Joanna even runs a YouTube channel where she offers key insights into the world of design. She encourages her clients and online community by consistently showing up with fresh ideas and valuable content.


If you would like to be stand apart from your competition and have your brand be seen with striking, authentic design, connect with Joanna Sherrow of Savvy Chic Design through her website, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube pages today and take your online presence to the next level!

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