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Sandlot Goods launches Yardball, a baseball and Leather Glove in One

Yardball combines the form of a baseball with the function of a leather glove—perfect for playing catch, anytime and anywhere!

Kansas City, MO. – (July 11, 2022) Today Sandlot Goods, a baseball-inspired leather goods and hat company, launches Yardball, a baseball and leather glove in one. Slightly larger than a baseball, Yardball’s size and feel allow people of all ages to toss it around comfortably. Hand-stitched and proudly made in the USA, Yardball is not just for display but also play.

People have a tendency to fidget and mess around with objects while brainstorming, having intense professional discussions, or just chatting with friends and family. Yardball is meant to encourage these talks, spark new ideas, and pass the time with friends and family.

No glove, no cleats, no problem! Yardball doesn’t require any equipment or a sport-specific skillset to play. It can be enjoyed as a simple game of catch with no rules or pressure. Most balls intended for games of catch are heavy and can cause injury to people or damage to objects when tossed around. Yardball is soft enough that even when thrown with more force, it’s far less likely to break anything. When tossing it in the yard, Yardball won’t break a windshield. When in the office, it won’t knock over any monitors.

Made from premium Wickett & Craig Milled Harness Leather, Yardball has that broken-in feel right out of the box. Its vegetable-tanned leather with heavy polyester thread and meticulous stitching provides a ball that will last. Yardball is the convenient, everyday ball to keep on hand at the office, in a glovebox, or in the gameroom at home.

“One day, after an office painting project, we began rolling blue painter’s tape into a ball. That ball became a mainstay at the office and we tossed it around during brainstorming sessions or threw it up into the air while on phone calls, and that coveted office fidget was the genesis for Yardball,” said Chad Hickman, founder of Sandlot Goods. “Yardball is a fun, convenient way to break up the monotony, increase spontaneity and bring people together.”

Yardball’s lightweight, easy to bring on the go, and perfect for people of all ages to enjoy. It’s time to retire that old, handmade ball of tape and turn to a better option.

To pre-order Yardball, visit pr.go2.fund/yardball

About Sandlot Goods

Founded in 2014, Sandlot Goods is baseball-inspired leather goods and hat company that started as a hobby but has grown significantly over the past eight years. After pivoting to making cloth masks for consumers at the beginning of the pandemic, the Sandlot Goods team had another great idea: Yardball. Sandlot Goods wants to bring people together. Having an element of human interaction and entertainment can break the monotony and increase spontaneity. Having these memories with coworkers, family, and friends is an important factor in life, and Yardball wants to be there for all of your big moments and ideas.

For more information, visit https://yardball.com/

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