Professor Teaches Inter- Disciplinarian Approach to Life in 2021

Professor Amy Keely’s experiences in coping with corporate pressures and life stresses was exacerbated by COVID and the death of her mother from Alzheimer’s. Along with her consulting firm, HunterHennessy LLC, she launched ‘,’ a lifestyle brand that combines philosophy, art, and diet to help others find personal balance and combat anxiety. featured speaker at professional groups (such as the American Staffing Association, Chambers of Commerce and more) for inspiration and professional development.

Professor Keely was taught to embrace the diversity of knowledge, become challenged when told ‘no’, and economize time for greater efficiency and productivity. She is becoming a certified Women’s Business Enterprise which is a supplier diversity classification supported by the government that allows organizations to receive Tier 1 credit for using her services in guest speaking, educational classes, or marketing consulting projects. She says, “Marketing has become so powerful that you live your life in it not realizing that you are being controlled by it as it has moved from an art, to a science. Just ask Nike who has used their tagline to create not only the emotion empowerment, but now control a person’s identity and the perception of others, when wearing their shoes. Marketing helps me to ‘see’ more details and have a broader scope of experiences and knowledge that I can use to help others.”

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More about Amy J. Keely, MBA, M.Ed. & PhD Candidate

Amy is an inter-disciplinarian with tenured and credentialed business supply chain marketer and educator who has evolved into an artist-philosopher. Her award-winning success stems from her ability to be both analytical and creative as well as being both a strategic thinker and a tactician. She is an educator in the college classroom, teaching and inspiring employees and those around her who cannot see their own value to achieve their dreams. 
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