Ways to Go About Making a Solid Online PR Running an Empire and Self Financing a Successful Business

Positive B White | Ways to Go About Making a Solid Online PR

 Brandon White, also known as Positive B White, is a successful entrepreneur and digital marketing guru. See how he made his way to the top in this field. Discover his unique approach of financing his company Positive Passionate Motivated LLC. The article is all about his personal experiences, thoughts, and philosophy

The Goals You Set

It all comes down to the goals you set for yourself; your efforts are always proportionate to them. It is true if you want to land on the moon, you should shoot for the stars. It is the ideal approach for any entrepreneur to adopt and follow throughout his entrepreneurial journey. Positive B White, also referred to as Brandon White, is one such success story. He is a motivational speaker, philanthropist, marketing guru, and progressive entrepreneur recognized for his distinctive and unconventional approach in the market. He has years of expertise in his field, with a profound portfolio of working with clients of diverse backgrounds. 

How It All Started?

He began his career performing some public relations work for the Atlanta Falcons and working in their Public Relations Department, but he quickly expanded his horizons. He collaborated with several athletes and celebrities. As a result, he was able to analyze their thoughts, ideologies, and inspirations. It instilled in him a journalistic zeal that he still possesses to this day. During that time, he became well-known in the community for his narrative-building ability. In 2014, he founded his business Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC, riding the wave of his success. Brandon put his money into it and built the company as a result. He believes in the struggle a little and more in letting it grow on itself, rather than relying on gifts and contributions. Although it originally made his life difficult, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because Brandon no longer had to worry about debts. He is more focused on his objectives and aims since he is not in debt. It allows him to finance all of the trials and innovation at his agency that others cannot, resulting in increased customer attraction.

The Childhood

Brandon graduated from West Georgia University. Streamlining his studies, Brandon opted for Business Administration and Aviation Management. Sports were an integral part of Brandon’s life, and he became the Junior Olympic Champion of the four by one team by age 10. At only 15, he was able to earn the Best Offensive Player Award in Basketball too. 

Getting Rid of the Generic Syndrome 

A decade ago, the “generic syndrome” ruled the industry. Brandon broke the stereotype by working with clients on a more customized level. Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC is his marketing agency and motivational speaking platform. Getting his clients’ businesses in the headlines is his obsession. A successful business’s exponential growth is because of the large-scale mass acceptance. To determine the best course of action for each client, Brandon looks at their business, portfolio, and skills, and most importantly, their style. Following that, he presents a marketing strategy designed exclusively for expressing their narrative. Before this, marketing people and agencies used ready-made generic templates for all their clients. Some of Brandon’s clients became online sensations after working with him. And though it seems straightforward, conducting thorough research and in-depth analysis is quite tricky at times.

The Human Psyche

There is something in the human psyche that seems drawn towards stories, philosophies, and legacies, not just products! Plus, getting all aggressive won’t make you any bucks in most cases. You have to make your way through the competition without being that rebellious. It is pretty evident in light of the modern trends of the industry. It’s all about making the most of your resources. Often Brandon is asked to work with celebrities because of his flexible working style.  

Beating the Competition

The ever-evolving digital world keeps introducing new digital marketing trends, and keeping up with those trends is your key to survival in this field. You gain a broader understanding of the field by working with clients from a variety of backgrounds. In this case, looking at his portfolio elevates him above the rest. He is reinventing the marketing techniques that used to be irritating and repetitive to something way more compelling, persuasive, and natural, all being different and appealing. 

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