Podcasting to The Masses: How Proxima360 Uses Their Podcast to Offer Deeply Informative Retail Information

Proxima360 utilizes their podcast to offer information on retail and educational interviews with guests to help offer audiences a clearer understanding of retail and its market.

One of the most important ways people learn nowadays is through the use of their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets have become essential to daily work life. Things such as video streaming and podcasts have become an integral part of gathering information while on the go to fit into the digital age of convenience. Many companies have begun adopting this form of information sharing to better reach and educate their audiences; one such company is Proxima360 who utilizes their podcast to offer information on retail and educational interviews with guests to help offer audiences a clearer understanding of retail and its market. 


The podcast’s host, Carlos Diaz, uses the podcast to spread information about the retail world and specific skills and tactics used to offer audiences some clarity on changing trends or helpful tips on how to improve their businesses. Especially in the mid-pandemic age, the podcast, Retail Corner, is a beneficial tool for people struggling to navigate the pandemic-ridden world of business. Given that the podcast itself is an easy no-contact means of educating oneself, it is an excellent resource for any retail business owners to use to stay on top of current trends and other critical elements of their business. 


Diaz and the podcast precisely pinpoint innovative leaders in the industry who are creating valuable solutions to industry problems and paving the way for future innovators of the retail field. The bi-weekly podcast uses these industry experts as interview guests to offer listeners professional advice and commentary on the state of retail and how trends can be utilized to succeed. As of 2020, the podcast episodes have been heavily business-driven during the pandemic, offering advice and tips for keeping businesses alive during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially important now that restrictions are in a gray area dependent upon where you are, making the podcast essentially for some retail owners located in high-restriction places.


Each episode offers an in-depth and granular wealth of knowledge from the experts that are brought in as guest speakers. The topics range all across the retail landscape, which provides a variety of topics to learn about and tailors to just about any problem or area of interest a business owner might have in the retail world, making it the perfect tool to use to stay up to date on the latest trends and best practices that are currently being tested in the retail industry. Given that these are coming from seasoned professionals, they’re tried, and proper methods can be trusted when executed properly.

Retail Corner is an invaluable tool for any retail owner, now more than ever given the state of retail thanks to COVID-19, and for many owners could mean the difference between success and failure. All the episodes can be found on their website, which even offers a handy filtration tool to help audiences figure out specific episodes to listen to that are tailored to their interests or inquiries.

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