Personality Over “Professionalism”: How Shan Richardson Is Disrupting the Copywriting Industry

Copywriter Shan Richardson approaches her craft different to most, and the results speak for themselves. Learn more here

“I can’t wait to talk marketing jargon!” said no-one, ever. You’ve got a great product. You’ve spent hundreds of hours in development, and you’re ready to launch your passion project. Maybe you’ve already launched, and have visions of extensive, consistent campaigns – but there’s a problem. You have no idea where to start when it comes to digital marketing and content creation.

One of the hardest parts of getting your brand voice out there is connecting with a marketing team. In a saturated digital market and flurries of buzzwords, it’s hard to tell your search engine optimization from your integrated marketing strategy. After all, you’re a specialist in your own area – not in digital marketing language – and you want to feel like you can trust the right person with your brand voice.

That’s where Shan Richardson comes in.

After achieving success with her own small business, Richardson understood that customers responded to personality, not buzzwords. In a market full of impersonal brands, Richardson attained success by giving her consumers a voice to respond to. Content creation and marketing did not have to be complex, inaccessible and confusing – in fact, the best strategies were often the simplest, involving the use of ‘power words’, and developed in tandem with consultation from influencers, e-retailers, and businesses alike. Success came from generating loyal, repeated supporters who developed a personal connection with the brand – not through “professional jargon” that often obscured more than it said.

Richardson’s love of language shines through in her copywriting approach, utilizing her understanding of what busy women want to know – and combining it with an understanding of the importance of algorithms in the digital marketing world. Richardson connects consumers to brands and their products using her unique narrative ability. 

So why is her approach disrupting the copywriting industry?

Richardson doesn’t use jargon – in fact, she prides herself on her consistent use of language that’s accessible without sacrificing impact. She understands that the value of her work comes from her ability to understand what consumers want, and how to give it to them – all within the highly competitive beauty and wellness sphere. She’s involved with her audience, responding to DMs and engaging with her supporters, admitting her faults and establishing major credibility within the digital marketing universe. Richardson’s approach is at odds with faceless marketing and copywriting firms – and it works.

Richardson credits her success and high-quality copywriting with her emphasis on crafting content that clicks with its target audience. It humanizes the brand, creates an experience to be enjoyed, rather than a product to be bought – and does it with flair. She highlights the importance of developing, changing, maintaining and improving brand voice as a constant feature of your campaigns. By involving a target audience in the content development process, her copywriting stands out from the crowd, sparking connections, increasing integration, and driving sales. 

Richardson has tapped into a hugely influential resource in digital marketing – one that’s at odds with the industry’s approach. She wants to share her skills with other small businesses, helping others achieve the same success she has, with her fresh approach to engaging with audiences through copywriting. 

One thing’s for sure – Shan Richardson is one to watch. If you want to learn more about Shan & What Shan Wrote, head over to her Instagram or visit her website.

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