One Israeli Gallery Transforms Huge Works of Art into 3D Glass Gifts!

The Mini and Gift Collection by Jean-Pierre Weill Studios are 3D paintings on glass and make the perfect gift during this time of uncertainty. Sister duo Safira and Davida complement skills with their father to create a layered technique by arranging different parts of an image on multiple levels of glass, allowing each painting to be enriched by elements of light and shadow, creating a delightful sense of movement. The gifts are a unique visual experience, with each piece telling a meaningful story, and a wide variety of designs for an affordable budget that won’t break the bank this holiday season. With personalization (name or date) and free shipping, even the packaging is thoughtfully and tastefully displayed to create the perfect gift.

Davida says, “For years we’ve sold our work through some of the top galleries in Israel. However, since March 2020 there has been no tourism and these galleries have had to shut down. So our main platform has transferred to online. This transition has been both challenging and exciting for us. It opens up the possibility of reaching people around the world we may not have had access to, but it is difficult to show what we do over a screen, and people are understandably hesitant to buy art that they have not seen in person. The 3D effect of the glass, the play with light and shadow, the dancing of colors – all the elements that make our work special are challenging to communicate to customers over a screen. Since Covid19 hit Israel and the United States in a really significant way, it has become challenging to meet new people. Thankfully, many of our customers are regulars, and we are their go-to place to buy gifts for special occasions.”

Early animations were made in a not-dissimilar way, but for an entirely different purpose. The 3D element of this artwork makes it stand out because of the sense of movement that is created in the space that’s not just up and down but also in. This method captures a unique visual experience — through the use of light, color and depth working together.

Work has been displayed in galleries across the United States and Israel, as well as in Hong Kong, Japan and Russia.  It has been sold in high end commercial outlets around the world. Discount code 3Dart at checkout for 10% off or use this link and the discount will be automatically applied:

More about Jean-Pierre Weill Studios – Family. Wellbeing. Art. 

In this family studio, relationships with each other are central. They inform the feeling and energy that goes into the work. The family dynamic is the perfect platform to practice and develop our respective journeys towards greater well being and creativity. The studio was founded in 1992, as Jean-Pierre looked for a way to both create art and support his growing family. About 10 years ago, the studio moved to Israel, where his daughters, Davida and Safira, joined. Davida and Safira brought new ideas and a fresh palette to an already rich library of paintings. Our focus on well being is the result of years of personal work, attending and facilitating consciousness and relationship workshops, and the work that went into writing and illustrating the book, The Well of Being, as well as the soon-to-be-published sequel, Evolve.

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