Olyasha Novozhylova: The NotBasicBlonde Strives to Make Being Different the Norm

In slang, basic refers to someone or something unoriginal and mainstream, with no ‘stand-out’ characteristics. You know the term, ‘Basic Bitch.’ For some, that label might offer a sense of relief, validating that they fit in. But Blogger, Model, Podcast Host, and Author Olyasha Novozhylova wouldn’t be caught dead following the herd. And this is why her brand is fittingly named NotBasicBlonde.

Building her brand


Olyasha explains, “My brand NotBasicBlonde is all about being you, staying authentic to yourself, and not being afraid to show your talents and sparkle. Mostly, it’s about not being afraid to be extra.” And being extra is working out just fine for Olyasha. Her celebrity podcast has over 1M downloads in the first year. This attention has everything to do with Olyasha’s undeniable energy and enthusiasm for her craft. It has also helped her land celebrity guests such as Dean Graziosi, Gabby Bernstein, Jaime Kern Lima, Ed Mylett, Mary Fitzgerald, Maz Jobrani, and many more. 


A Russian model, Olyasha spent 15-years on the runway and working in the acting industry. Eventually, these experiences pointed her in a new direction—her current position as a top influencer with a brand that’s on fire. Whether it’s in her blog, on a podcast, or via social media, Olyasha shares her beauty, wellness, and fashion tips with an audience of over half a million and counting. And her message maintains the constant undertone of being true to yourself and making no apologies for being unique.


Having made a big splash as an Influencer, Olyasha is in high demand to partner with national brands that fit her niche. Some of her current dealings include Cartier, Revolve, TooFaced, PLT, Tarte, Venus Et Fleur, Steve Madden, PGA, Cirque De Soleil, and many others. 

Her children’s book


Yet, Olyasha is not only about promoting herself. Aside from letting her unmistakable sparkle shine on-air and behind the camera, Olyasha has other passions and talents. She is also the author of a children’s book with a familiar theme. Cutie the Unicorn: It’s okay to be different portrays a person’s uniqueness as a gift rather than a negative characteristic. 


Olyasha says her book is a message from the heart because she knows some children struggle with self-esteem issues, anxiety, and depression because they are afraid they don’t fit in. Aside from the vital message, her book helps in another way. Olyasha donates a portion of the sales to St. Jude’s Hospital. Olyasha helps kids feel good about being different, and she is living proof that you can make being different than the crowd work for you in big ways. 


One smart cookie


And just in case all of that sparkle Olyasha throws around has you mesmerized by her beauty and charm, it’s only fair to add that she’s one smart cookie. Beefing up her brand and becoming a top-tier influencer has not happened by accident. 


Olyasha utilized some of her formal education, climbing her way to the top. With a diploma from Georgia State University donning a BBA in Managerial Sciences, Olyasha built a successful IT/Project Management career before becoming a full-time influencer and blogger. 


Denouncing all-things-basic


There’s nothing basic about Olyasha Novozhylova, and she’s proud of it. A woman with many talents, Olyasha has managed to capitalize on them by being true to herself and portraying an authentic image. Facing the world with an unapologetic smile for denouncing all-things-basic, Olyasha will continue to sparkle and make being different the norm.

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