Nick Peitsch Shares His Top 3 Undervalued Stock Picks For 2022

Welcome savvy investors to 2022! For all who have made new year resolutions to be wealthier and wiser this coming year, then this article is most certainly for you.  Nick Peitsch is a renowned investment entrepreneur who has been providing stock value tips and advice to his ever-growing YouTube followers and Discord Community members. For all who have had the privilege of following Nick’s offerings over the past 12 months and acted on his suggestions you will have certainly seen a significant rise and profitability within your investment portfolio. Today Nick shares with us his 3 top undervalued stocks that he has just recently purchased going into 2022. Without further ado, let’s get right to them. The first undervalued stock that Nick has shown a keen interest in and has once again purchased further shares in, is  Trulieve Cannabis Inc.  Trulieve is a US based cannabis company who are showing great numbers year after year. With recent acquisitions they are now the biggest cannabis provider in the United States with most of their dispensaries located in the state of Florida, where they hold a whopping 46% market share. As a vertically integrated business and MSO (Multi State Operator) they are able to seamlessly utilize all facets of the cannabis industry. Nick envisions huge potential for Trulieve in the coming years. In the last three years alone, they have 10X’d their returns. Undervalued stock pick number 2 is Suncor Energy. For some, the oil industry may cause some concern but when you combine the current low value of the Suncor stock price and their improving business fundamentals, then as Nick states, all the cues are there to take advantage of such discounted stock prices. Stock pick opportunity number 3 is Google. There is of course no need to share the fundamentals of this Behemoth.  We all are already aware of the amazing economic moat that Google has created for itself – at last count, that economic moat was sitting at 90% market share of the E-commerce business. 90%! Statistics are showing that by 2025 a further 1 Trillion dollars will be invested into the global E- commerce marketplace. This of course puts Google front and centre for increased revenue. Now is the perfect time to grab some extra shares in Google and increase your portfolio’s value. To gain a deeper explanation of Nick’s top 3 undervalued stock pick choices you can access here on his YouTube channel:
Nick also provides his Discord Community with current investment information regarding buying and selling opportunities to assist in maximizing financial portfolios. There are many undervalued stock opportunities to be found and financially gained upon in 2022, following the likes of Nick Peitsch will assist in accelerating that process for all serious investors as they seek to take advantage of such offerings. Once these stocks have been uncovered then the only task left for the investor before deciding to purchase or not on the stocks that align with them is completing their own due diligence. For more information you can reach Nick Peitsich here.
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