Meet Zhi Ko, Serial Entrepreneur and Gaming Influencer

Not everybody is lucky enough to find the path to success, but some are able to combine their passion with business and create amazing lives for themselves.

Sometimes you sit at home scrolling through social media, wondering how all those people on your feed got to where they are. How did they start their own businesses? How did they get thousands of followers? How are they making money? We have all been there, wishing we could figure out the perfect formula to do what we love most while generating a stable income. Not everybody is lucky enough to find the path to success, but some are able to combine their passion with business and create amazing lives for themselves.


So is the case of Zhi Ko, a serial entrepreneur and gaming influencer. Nowadays, he runs five different businesses while being a full-time influencer on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. From playing tennis in college to founding his own companies, he has figured out a way to succeed.


From D1 Tennis to Businessman

31 year old Zhi Ko was born in Singapore and moved to America where he got his college degree. He attended the University of Miami and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering. During his time as a student, he played Division 1 tennis before moving on to professional tennis. His passion and dedication to sports taught him what he knows about hard work, professionalism, teamwork, and creating a community. Qualities he also found in the gaming world.


As his career continued to grow, Zhi Ko realized he had a knack for businesses, so he began his path as an entrepreneur. This led him to co-found several companies he helps run to this day. In all of them, he has different roles that continue to teach him and expand his knowledge. What are these positions?


A man of many talents and interests with an eye for opportunities and success.


Taking Over Social Media

As if running multiple businesses was not enough, Zhi Ko has taken the time to build a highly-followed social media persona. He has become a very interesting and knowledgeable gaming influencer. On his TikTok account, he posts videos talking about different consoles (from PlayStation to XBOX) and games (from Dragon Ball Z to Among Us). His 468.4K followers get an expert insight on topics they might be looking to learn about or expand their knowledge on. He is very entertaining and provides great advice.


To be a “real” influencer, you need to have more than one social media account. For that reason, you can also find this game expert on Twitter, where he mostly shares information about his business deals which include selling gaming accessories. And you can find him posting on his Instagram feed or stories on a daily basis, bringing more resources and materials for his followers to stay up-to-date on anything and everything gaming.


Passion + Knowledge = Success

Most of us spend most of our life trying to figure out the perfect formula for success, but only a few manage to find it. Zhi Ko is one of them! His formula is the combination of passion and knowledge. He found out what he was passionate about and dedicated his time to become an expert on the topic. This gave him enough resources to build companies and create a positive online community.

He is definitely a person to keep an eye on.

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