If I Buy 10k Subs On Youtube Will I Surpass That Other Guy Matt Tommy?

Business is constantly changing,  especially in a covid-19 environment where the nimble agility

to adapt and pivot to the current landscape and seize the golden opportunities that these times

bring has never been more crucial to entrepreneurial success. Matt Tommy , a trailblazer in this

domain has been one of the fortunate few to accelerate his online businesses in this way.


A key ingredient to Tommy’s success has been his expert and innovative utilization of High

Ticket online business while also putting an emphasis on a Recurring Subscription income

stream model.


An example of this lucrative High Ticket coaching business model is where he sells  high ticket

coaching and educational products feasably priced in the range of $2k to $20k. This gives

ample space for a sliding ‘investment’ scale on coaching services provided to suit the needs of

each individual purchaser. 


In regards to maximizing  an online recurring subscription model presence, he easily achieved

this by implementing a YouTube channel and charging a suggested $7-$47 monthly

subscription fee  for the ongoing services provided. These ongoing service resources include

value-add items such as;  a discord group, course access and a Community of Investing with

coaching calls done via zoom, and are cost-scaled accordingly. 


Having both the High Ticket and recurring Monthly Subscription Models provides choice to your

end – users. 


Let’s now take a quick  look at what each model offers by looking at the Pros and Cons of both

and the various business opportunities that each brings to the table:


High Ticket Business Model 


The Pros  


1. Provides a higher upfront lump sum instant cash flow 

2. Usually better clients (the more you pay the more you commit) 

3. More margins (not always true – if you have an online business that’s recurring like 

Tommy’s company for example , they are running at incredible 90-95% margins) 


The Cons


1. Always chasing new customers (so you need a great value ladder, remarketing and

upselling skills, cross-selling). 

2. Can fluctuate if not consistent (biggest month to lowest month) not as sustainable unless

superior skills mentioned above or branding or competitive moat. 

3. Smaller market,  as higher price points may exclude those just starting out.  

Recurring Subscription Business Model 


The Pros 


1. Get paid every single month (as long as churn is minimal) 

2. More scalable usually (always exceptions to the rule) 

3. More affordable (when priced correctly) attracts bigger market share audience than High



The Cons


1. More volume, hence, more management of program required   

2. Takes awhile to accumulate and compound (access to mass audience and/or superior

marketing are prerequisite ) 

3. Time Management required 


In summary, Matt Tommy recommends an online business model that resonates with your own

business vision that is a fit for you.


It has become apparent In today’s online business economy that we are seeing a swift uptake in

the virtual/remote workspace which is being fueled by the ease of scalability and higher profit

margins that this type of platform provides. 


When the question was posed to Matt Tommy that if he was granted only one option between

these two business models, High Ticket or Recurring Subscription business, which one he

would choose, he instantly stated the recurring subscription business model. Tommy’s sure-fire

response makes  a lot of sense because if  you look at the models used by Patreon, Only Fans

and Netflix  as recurring subscription examples of his choice, then you quickly grasp the huge

potential for success to be had in this arena.


Matt Tommy’s company,  Subfliq are looking to create a similar  personalized Netflix

experience model for social media followers/clients, and are well on their way to achieving this

outcome. Tommy’s proven online success track record has already built a deep network with

massive resources and have scaled clients on the social media landscape to 6-7 figure

incomes per month while allowing their clients to monetize, provide insane value offers to their

chosen audiences,  and best of all, they have been able to do so fully removed in their



To learn even more about  Matt Tommy’s Secrets of Success follow him on his youtube

channel here and instagram page here.


Like many others before you who have benefited from Tommy’s nuggets of wisdom, by taking

that leap of faith this could also be your Big Moment too,  and it may turn out to be the best

investment of your time that you have ever made. So, what are you waiting for , Dive In!


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