Make Your Company First-Page News With the Full-Featured Review Management System Reviews Are Everything

Ninety-three percent of consumers make decisions from the information they acquire in online reviews. Therefore, business owners must ensure their livelihood doesn’t get derailed by a few negative comments. Everyone knows, even a couple of bad reviews can be devastating. And because 73 percent of people are persuaded by the online opinions of others, it’s no wonder being at the top of a Google search is every business owner’s dream come true. 


It’s a fact that good reviews and more stars are the gold standards for snagging online traffic from competitors. But navigating your way to the top of the first page can be time-consuming and quite daunting if you don’t know the secrets and tips that will put your company front and center.


This is why your business needs a full-featured review management system like Reviews Are Everything. The name says it all—good reviews on Google are the blood running through your company’s veins, keeping it healthy and alive. When all it takes is a couple of nasty comments to bury your business among the masses, having a review management system might just be the smartest thing you can do for your company’s bottom line.


As a business owner, you should be extremely worried about any poor reviews and low star ratings because they have the potential to push your company further into the quagmire, ruining your online credibility. And you know what this means—your traffic drops due to the poor ratings, and your business has zero Google search visibility. This scenario can be terrifying, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. And if it already has—Reviews Are Everything can restore your online reputation.


Reviews Are Everything understands the importance of a credible online presence. They can repair yours and restore customer trust by ensuring a rapid increase in positive ratings. This boost in the right direction is just what your company needs to get back in the line of traffic. 


So, what can Reviews Are Everything do for your business? As a full-featured review management system, Reviews Are Everything knows the restorative measures to generate more online traffic and create higher Google visibility for your business. Here are some of the  features they offer:

Reviews Are Everything has a custom-branded email/SMS that invites former customers with auto-deploy. It’s also perfectly timed to maximize the Google search algorithm. Likewise, an instant review component invites new customers with custom integrations. Basically, you enter the information, and the software does the work.

Since customers are 68 percent more likely to review a business using a better online reviewing system, Reviews Are Everything has an easy-to-use review widget where customers can give 5-stars on all of the top review sites with a single click. This simplified process cuts the steps of providing a review from seven to three and has a further reach, which equals more stellar reviews from satisfied customers. 

By increasing positive reviews, Google has more information on your business and more reasons to rank your site higher when customers search for your industry. This increased site traffic naturally develops into more site visits and more sales.

Reviews Are Everything automatically requests customers for reviews and works non-stop building and managing your business reputation. Part of the lure is Reviews Are Everything’s ability to hold negative reviews and be instantly notified before they get posted.

Review Are Everything can unlock powerfully proven scripts that allow you to respond to customers’ words with the vocabulary Google loves. With the right language, your responses to negative comments can impress the people reading your reviews rather than turn them away.


In a world where consumers can ruin a business by posting sharp words, your company’s reputation deserves some security. Luckily, Reviews Are Everything can provide that peace of mind and amplify sales because they know that even a 1-star bump can increase your bottom line up to 9 percent. 


The full-service review management experts at Reviews Are Everything can repair and protect your online presence, drive more traffic to your site, and encourage more 5-star reviews.  It’s about time you let Reviews Are Everything make your company first-page news. Don’t jeopardize your livelihood by giving a few negative reviews too much power.

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