Lacey Madison on the New Era of Marketing & Sales

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The Covid Boom of Pandemic Entrepreneurs Shook the Business space and truthfully, its long-lasting effects have proven to be nothing short of ideal for withstanding Online Service Providers. Lacey Madison shares her insights on how things are changing in marketing and sales.

Whilst the old landscape of Marketing & Sales had everyone working harder, hustle culture was in and Burnout was at an all-time high, Post Pandemic… Consumers are Getting Smarter, are enjoying in-person activations and are prioritising Boundaries and Personal Time more than ever before.

Here are a few things we have noticed & Practical Ways that you can start Leveraging the New Era of Marketing & Sales Landscape that will have you working less and making more than ever before ( ps… we are doing these same strategies over at LMCC too! )

Decreased Push for Unnecessary Content Marketing

We gathered 100 Instagram accounts and out of those 100 accounts, 33% have not posted since 2021 and most of them are still scaling their businesses & their revenue exponentially. We are noticing that business owners are fed up with the hustle culture that is Content Creation and using Social Media is their primary source of Marketing & Sales and instead are using the following methods to cultivate more leads.

1. High Shift in Focus to PR & Media from Business owners of all Sizes podcasts are going to be the new high-traffic medium for 2023, whilst we have seen a rise in the success of podcasts in the last few years it will definitely become a new HubSpot for CEOs wanting to steer clear from Traditional Marketing Avenues. I think the greatest breakthrough here is that we are slowly breaking down the message that PR & Media is only reserved for Business Owners making 7 Figures and starting to perpetuate that everyone has something valuable to share that can help someone else WHILST helping to create a Brand Credibility at the same time.

2. Relaxed Content Marketing Style Leveraging Platforms such as Tiktok the reason Tiktok is such a great asset and the reason it has helped Business Owners see so much success is because of its FUNDAMENTAL nature. Someone who has only posted 3 Times can blow up and receive 1M Views + Generate Thousands of Leads vs other platforms where that level of traction can take time to build up. This framework allows CEOs to get more creative, post less and generate more.

Getting back to the Fundamentals of Increased Revenue = Sales

I think that there are two important shifts we are noticing here, People are getting back to what matters when it comes to building businesses ie. Relationships and People. So instead of spending so much time creating collateral that doesn’t ACTUALLY move the needle forward for them in business, they are getting back to doing the “dirty work” and building real authentic relationships with their audience and Prospects.

The other Shift we are seeing is the acceptance of hiring Lead Generation & Sales Agencies to do the Sales Aspect for you! This is such a great way to keep you in your zone of genius, giving 100% to your clients and removing the time and energetic blocks that were leading to your burnout previously.

Lacey Madison Says Focus on Client Experience & Client Retention

Here at LMCC, our Client Retention Rate is averaging around 80% and what this allows us to do is focus less on generating insane visibility & cultivating thousands of leads to fill programs and instead focus on providing the BEST client experience so that our clients want to sign and resign time and time again.

Helping CEOs avoid Burn Out is our Passion and one of our Core Missions here at LMCC which is why we teach strategies that allow business owners to finally enter a place of effortlessness and ease by focusing on what matters most.

If you are ready to work with us and continue to stay ahead of the Business Landscape go ahead and get in touch with us here.

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