Kristen Edwards Is on a Mission To Help Women Double Their Income

Creating a business strategy for oneself can be so difficult to start, especially as a woman with industry expectations against us. Kristen Edwards has been there and done that with regard to starting a business and is now using her expertise to help other women maximise their income as a business strategy coach. Edwards is qualified, hardworking and incredibly relatable when helping her clients to succeed through paying attention to their unique personalities. 


Edwards’ journey began with a passion for personal growth and a plan for how she would succeed in becoming a consultant, coach and personal development expert. She started garnering qualifications, including a bachelor’s degree in organisation communication and a master’s in applied psychology. Under her degrees, Edwards was able to enhance her skills at helping clients with positive and concise communication and with insight into their heads. Her higher education and personal approach to coaching makes the perfect combination for assisting other strong women in starting their entrepreneurial endeavours as business owners. 


In addition to her qualifications, Edwards has been preaching and practicing as a business and life coach in her self-hosted podcast Amplify Ambition. In the Amplify Ambition podcast she shares tips on personal growth and self-awareness, and how to use those skills to enhance income. Edwards has made her platform as accessible as possible with her podcast and her social media accounts so her services can help women everywhere. Her Instagram account shares pieces of advice to better her clients lives and clips of her personal life, whilst her Facebook account shares money-making article snippets and more, resulting in a business approach that is both personal and relatable.


After her psychology degree, Edwards decided that her business strategies would be based upon personality indicators and therefore would be totally custom. She is well versed in personality tests, specifically the enneagram and the DISC assessment, which she uses on her client base to relate more closely to and create a tailored program for them. Because her approach is customised, it cuts out all of the unimportant steps in business coaching, leaving a simple and sustainable method that is beneficial to both client and coach. As Edwards likes to say, Kristen Edwards Co ensure your business works for you rather than you working for it.


Whilst competitors in the industry tend to take the easy way out and get clients to simply copy other hustlers, Edward’s knows that with human differences one approach is never going to accommodate everybody’s needs. With that in mind, she made sure that she would not offer a cookie cutter approach to creating a marketing and sales strategy. Edwards enjoys helping people in this way as she can really get to know her clients and feels rewarded when she helps women to maximise income and impact with services that match their personality.

Kristen Edwards Co is a great option for women in need of a business strategy coach, a HR consultant or a general personal development expert and emphasises the differences of people to help them succeed rather than forcing her clients to neglect their personalities to double their income.

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