Korean company StudioCOIN leads in futuristic learning tools with immersive VR education programs

Two-time winner of the Minister of Education Award for ‘E-Learning Excellent Company Contest.’

Virtual Reality is becoming a great tool to share knowledge and impart education. The experience of virtual world learning has a much richer experience over online-learning or in-person lessons. With the COVID-19 outbreak, global parameters for education are also changing, and companies are developing diverse ways of using VR to bring about change in education. 

Korean company StudioCOIN Inc. is developing various future-oriented multi-participant education programs that utilize the immersive quality of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The company has introduced unique programs that are already entertaining and educating many children in Korea. 

StudioCOIN’s programs are educating and entertaining. 

StudioCOIN’s flagship product, ForumVR, is a popular collaborative learning VR game that takes children on a magical journey of stories and teaches them important values. The company has also introduced a safety education content ‘School VR’ using VR technology and science learning content ‘Everyone’s SCIENCE’ using AR technology. 

ForumVR is a 40-50 minutes’ experience that can involve 5-6 children at a time. The children connect through VR storytelling as they solve puzzles and create the story. Throughout the game and at the end, the children get the opportunity to debate and discuss various possibilities and outcomes, which enhances their skills in communication, teamwork, etc. ForumVR is currently offering three interesting story series – ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ ‘Frankenstein,’ and ‘Artist of Oz.’

About StudioCOIN: Recognitions and future goals 

StudioCOIN had started business in 2011 as an AR/VR educational content developer. It also specializes in the planning and production of educational content and developing 2D/3D animation and video content. The company released its first Edugame series in 2017 with ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It’s a recent release, Forum VR’s ‘Artist of Oz’, has received the ‘Best Immersive’ award at the Made with Unity Korea Awards 2020. Also, StudioCOIN is the recipient of the Minister of Education Award for ‘E-Learning Excellent Company Contest Edugame’ for 2017 and 2019. It had also won the VR/AR Expo Game Content category in Seoul in 2018. 

On July 14, 2020, StudioCOIN participated with ForumVR at the 17th annual Games for Change Festival, a leading USA game event, held virtual this year because of COVID-19 restrictions. At the event, StudioCOIN delegates showcased the ForumVR games under the theme “Korean Games Stage: Games Begin, Change Begins.” StudioCOIN was one of the five teams selected for the festival by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), which is the leading governmental organization for the cultural content industry of South Korea.

StudioCOIN plans to link library programs to contribute to the expansion of future educational models to discover creative convergence talent through ‘Forum VR’. Currently, StudioCOIN’s ForumVR experience is offered at the Seoul Animation Center and five libraries in Seoul. 

StudioCOIN is actively distributing its products to the Korean market and wants to expand to international shores. With experience and knowledge of ForumVR, the StudioCOIN team is all set to take the next leap in virtual education program with the development of a “contactless” Augmented Education (virtual) platform. 

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