From Entrepreneur to CEO: Leadership Skills with Ken Banta

During these tough times, it can be difficult finding a balance when it comes to running a successful business. From your employees working at home to logistical issues delegating daily to monthly tasks, the burden can be huge for CEOs. Ken Banta, head of Vanguard Leadership was invited to share his thoughts.

This is where heads of companies that are prepared can reach deep into their toolbox of knowledge and experience for answers. Those moments you shared with your mentor now seem more important than ever. Your decision to hire that human resource employee was a good call since the anxiety and stress levels of your workers are at all-time highs. These are the moments that great leaders are prepared for.

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Who is Ken Banta?

Ken Banta has helped to lead the transformation turnarounds of some of the largest corporations. With a focus on building strong leadership and dynamic new cultures, Ken and his team have exceptional capabilities to help build top-level leadership and drive organizational change. 

In this interview, Ken begins by discussing the difference between management and leadership. Though often confused there is quite the distinction. Management can be viewed as the day-to-day operations of a business. That might include paying the bills, making sure the entire team has its responsibilities in order or communicating to employees of their tasks. Or it’s about checking on your clients, tending to them efficiently and effectively. The point is management is responsible for the collective, daily health of the company. 

In comparison, Ken discusses how leadership is vastly different. It is the ability to make others follow your vision. It is about development, growth, and prosperity. How can a leader get his or her team to collectively believe in reaching these goals? Ken believes that the age of telling people to simply do this or that is over. As Ken questions, “Who wants to go with you, and who is persuaded that the mission you’re on is really worth doing?”








Ken Banta and the Vanguard Group

As the one-on-one continues, topics such as staying true to one’s self are so important. Hypotheticals can be dangerous. Realizing what is directly in front of CEOs and not what is far down the road can be difficult to recognize. But leaders need to delegate the company’s workload. Some CEOs might be great at motivating and harnessing their employees’ talent but maybe they do not excel in keeping the books in order. Then hire someone who possesses those skills. Every leader has strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing those traits and knowing how to pass off certain duties to more qualified people are the right ways to handle this example.

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