Kempii has Released Maybe the Planet’s Healthiest Toothbrush

Kempii has released maybe the planet’s healthiest toothbrush using Bambuplast, a safe, green material and bamboo alternative. Why use this over bamboo toothbrushes? The reason is simple, as the bamboo toothbrush may encourage the growth of mold faster than their plastic counterparts. By brushing your teeth with a moldy toothbrush, mycotoxins, which are produced by the mold may enter your body while brushing. Also, there is no risk of BPA, PVC Phthalates or micro plastics. It feels like a conventional toothbrush and does not taste like a piece of wood.

This sustainable solution to a major ecological problem is the reason for the company’s name; “Kempii,” after Lepidochelys kempii, the world’s smallest and most endangered sea turtle at the brink of extinction. With the purchase of this toothbrush, one will be supporting organizations rescuing kempii. They are also an official partner of the German Institution responsible for educating children and teenagers about dental health in schools.

Founder Daniel Ewen says, “We wanted to provide a green solution that people actually can use in the long run. Besides the health risks, bamboo toothbrushes feel and taste unpleasant. We have the selfless intention to make the world greener, but we are also aiming to offer a solution to the wooden taste, higher prices, and risk of toxin exposure. A green alternative should be essential for our futures in reaching the maximum ecological lifestyle. They should be the safer option for both children and pregnant women.”    

Priced at only $1.99, the toothbrushes don’t sacrifice high quality, with no taste, and you save turtles by purchasing it.

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