Josh Wilson is the Publicist You Want on Your Team

When it comes to public relations, you want to make sure you have a team that understands media, the news, and the importance of staying relevant and knows how to place your story in a positive light for the audience to appreciate. Your publicist should be someone who can handle the heat, manage a crisis, and pitch you or your brand in a way that everyone will want to write and talk about you. Experience and knowledge will come in handy, and this publicist at Otter PR has both. Josh Wilson is the publicist you want on your team.

Former longtime TV Anchor Tara Thomas once described Josh Wilson as “a talented and accomplished communication strategist with sharp wit, creative thinking, and connections from here to the White House.” This talent led him to work on Capitol Hill as a Communications Director in the US House of Representatives, which got him those connections Thomas talks about as he developed strong working relationships with the national press corps members.

Wilson grew up in Iowa, so he inevitably found himself working for politicians, helping campaigns, writing speeches, and handling personal correspondence. His passion for his work led him to work in the administration of Iowa Governor Terry Branstad right after college. He was the governor’s Public Liaison, handling personal correspondence between Branstad and the general public. This experience served as a stepping-stone for him to take on a communications role in numerous political campaigns.

His background in politics allowed him to gain an esteemed reputation and the recognition of his peers. The experience led him to become an expert in crisis management, which came in handy when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Halls of Congress. Wilson was able to understand how the government handled the crisis by fielding hourly media requests, helping manage social media channels for a member of Congress, and sharpening his communication skills to address every new challenge the pandemic presented.

But politics aren’t all that makes Josh Wilson the kind of publicist you want to work with. He has experience collaborating with small businesses and nonprofits. He was an advisor for Generation Opportunity — an organization committed to helping young people improve their lives — and ONE — an advocacy group working to end extreme poverty worldwide. His communications experience served him well when he joined the American Cancer Society as a Community Relations Manager overseeing fundraising, event planning, media, and outreach.

The political world, the small businesses, and the nonprofits prepared Josh Wilson for his next venture: Otter PR. In 2021, he remotely joined this public relations agency located in Florida. Working as a publicist, he collaborates with other team members to get top-tier media coverage for their clients. “I’m looking forward to putting my talents and network to work for Otter PR,” says Wilson. “Born and raised in small-town America, I’ve learned how to communicate using Midwest hospitality in a fast-paced media world effectively.”

When it comes to your public image, you want to make sure it is handled by a team that knows how to position you in the eyes of an audience. You want a publicist who has knowledge, experience, and guts — precisely what this publicist has. That is why Josh Wilson is the publicist you want on your team.

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