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Hey! I'm Jay.

I started my first business when I was 22 so that I could have income during medical school. During medical school, I ended up starting 2 more. After becoming a medical doctor in NYC, I became a full-time entrepreneur, founding a PR agency that went from zero to 7 figures in 6 months. 

I was recognized as the Entrepreneur to Watch in 2020 by International Business Times and I am the host of one of the top podcasts on Entrepreneurship, the Mentors Collective. My mission to help entrepreneurs like you to be successful and have the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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mentors collective | Best mentor collective
Scott Bartnick
Founder, Five Day Startup
“Jay has the toolset of any great entrepreneur: he’s a rapid prototyper, unafraid to take risks, is a clever builder of systems, and best of all, gets his energy from solving problems for others. A rare & powerful combination!”
Tom Worcester
Founder, Lunchbox
Jay goes above and beyond to help out. He is a great friend and mentor in many ways. Any chance to learn in his setting is a blessing and you should take it.
Dr. Gary Linkov
Plastic Surgeon