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How Dropshipping Expert Jared Oks Gets Companies Into Seven Figures

Dropshipping is an industry that may be an unfamiliar world to those who work in face-to-face retail.

Dropshipping is an industry that may be an unfamiliar world to those who work in face-to-face retail. Essentially what it is, is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell products to buyers without ever stocking these items – instead the purchase is made via a third party which has it shipped to the customer.


Las Vegas based e-commerce expert Jared Oks has made over $12M dollars in sales over his four years in the industry. Having been a part of six online companies, he’s taken four of them to seven figures, and two of them to six figures. Now, he’s teaching people how to do it themselves via his Instagram of over 135,000 people.


Dropshipping is all about connecting with manufacturers and suppliers and making their products available in an online store – the dropshipper sends the order and shipping details and the supplier will take care of the delivery to the client. 


Oks’ stands out in the industry because he only sells high ticket products over $1,000, using Google ads rather than Facebook. He doesn’t build brands but instead follows the formula of the big players like Walmart and Wayfair to sell other brands. The revenue is earned through receiving a cut of the wholesaler price.


Crucially, Oks built a way to source products exclusively within the United States, because it  “makes sense to dropship” in this way. He adds that the reason people are being scammed is because they fall into traps by pursuing other methods. Sourcing within the United States is what Oks credits for his success.


Oks began dabbling in the idea of starting a business while he was in college, realizing he didn’t want the 9-5 life. His first entrepreneurial venture with his old college roommate left them in debt. But on his second attempt he found an investor and now owns four stores. This has even opened up the opportunity for him to buy real estate and invest in the stock market.


To give others the same chance at success as him, he started his mentorship service, Have More Than Money, which offers one-to-one coaching. He also has an e-book of the same name which encourages people to try their hand at dropshipping themselves, which acts as a “direct guide to wealth and fulfillment.”


“Entrepreneur” has always been a somewhat enigmatic job title – an unattainable status that requires a natural business mindset and a tenacity that lets you be your own boss. But Oks is a telling example that grift, hardwork and the right mindset is enough to give anyone a shot at being a success.


Visit Have More Than Money for more information about Jared Oks and his business.

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