Is Your Business Utilizing the Untapped Potential of Psychology Marketing?


Every business needs a successful sales strategy in order to succeed. No sales equal no customers, which means no money coming in. It isn’t enough anymore to simply create an amazing product, businesses have to effectively market their products or service and drive sales toward them. But with so much competition out there, what makes a marketing strategy successful?​

 Social media has definitely changed how we can market by allowing companies to get directly in front of their audiences. But then what? It’s all well and good to identify where your product or service will be the most seen, but how do you convince people to buy from you over another?

When creating any marketing strategy, messaging is key. Product messaging is vital because, with the right message, you can define and present your business in the exact way you want to be seen. A persuasive message will also directly address your target buyer’s pain points, engage them and lead them to whatever sales funnel you have. 

As human psychology plays such a huge part in the buying process, it’s important to work with a team that combines psychology-researched programs, data-driven insights, and business strategies. Blue Monarch Group is a new breed of business agency that is rewriting the rules for success by strategically examining every aspect of your business by applying a Psychology Marketing approach. 

Led by marketing innovator Ellza Malok, Blue Monarch Group has been recognized on a global scale for its ability to merge creative development with psychological research to create strategies that connect brands and business owners with the right customers. 

“We bring our genuine curiosity, insight, and empathy to every client. We will approach each client with compassion and an open mind, digging deep to understand their identity, challenges, and aspirations,” says Ellza. By concentrating on a client’s business objectives, Ellza and her team are able to uniquely tailored marketing strategies that align with both the business owner and their intended audience. 

A proven strategy for success, this has given Blue Monarch Group an unprecedented 93% retention rate across the past eight years of business. Working across global markets, including Chicago, London, and Seattle, their Psychology-based marketing methodology has helped to bring business owners, CEOs, and teams closer to the goals they’ve set.  With a proven blueprint for successful marketing strategies, Blue Monarch Group’s client base comprises a range of industries, including; technology, real estate, life sciences, retail and eCommerce, hospitality, tourism, construction, and manufacturing. 

“It doesn’t matter what industry you are in,” says Ellza. “Human psychology remains the same, so by taking the time to understand this concept and the individual business’ needs, we are able to implement effective psychology marketing time and time again.”  

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To implement a marketing strategy backed by psychological research which moves your audience emotionally, get in contact with Ellza or one of the Blue Monarch team today.

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