How to Develop Lion-Like Resilience and Reclaim Your Purpose

Anita Kanti

Are you finding it a challenge to bounce back from adversity? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to adapt to situations that you don’t seem to have control over? If so, you’re not alone. It’s quite common for many of us to encounter setbacks, become fearful, or feel like we’re ultimately failing to reach our full potential. Fortunately, there is a silver lining, and we can look to the animal kingdom for inspiration.


As an experienced motivational life coach, strategic talent manager, and author, Anita Kanti helps people just like you to reclaim their purpose by optimizing their strengths and creating a clear pathway to success. 


Anita has spent over 15 years in career advisory coaching and talent recruitment; in leading corporations such as Samsung, Huawei Technologies, and Broadcom Inc., before building a successful coaching practice of her own. 


She has also documented some of the motivational techniques and coaching philosophies used in her 2019 book, Behaving Badly: How to Mindshift Life’s Challenges. Additionally, Anita has appeared on nationally syndicated TV, radio, and leading media publications advocating how we can all stay BRAVE.


In this article, we’re going to dive a bit deeper into Anita’s life coaching philosophies and reveal how you can start taking the first steps to achieve lion-like resilience by reclaiming your life’s purpose.


Conquering Uncharted Paths


It’s hard to keep going when faced with new challenges, and life can seem like a never-ending, uphill battle. However, this is all largely due to our state of mind and attitude that we develop throughout the years of our life. Because of this, it is common to naturally feel the need to avoid walking down uncharted paths.


However, it is possible to re-calibrate ourselves – our attitudes, expectations, and misconceptions – by building lion-like resilience. The first step involves raising your awareness of resilience, and understanding why your worldview is shaped the way it is. This is because your former and current views, in addition to your past responses, all contribute significantly to any feelings of self-doubt or distress that you may possess.


Fortunately, you can cultivate your resilience and learn to embrace change, rather than fear it, through the understanding and application of the following three elements:


Status: we need to first consider precisely where we are positioned along our current path. Lions have the ability to instinctually locate opportunities while moving and adjusting as they need to.


State of mind: it’s important to self-reflect and gain a deeper understanding of the self. Only then can we make progress through positive changes to our attitudes and dispositions?


Situation: from an early age, we strive to understand our place in the world and the role we play in it. Lions have a great understanding of their situation and use it as a tool of guidance.


Anita also created the BRAVE framework to provide essential insight into the lion persona, which you can use to strengthen your understanding and level of courage, strength, and leadership.



Start Reclaiming Your Purpose

Click here to reach out to Anita and start removing the old mindsets that no longer serve you; and remember, we can only achieve the things we believe we can.

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